Sleep is beautiful, but it’s about time someone gave it the disclaimer: Results may vary. Lots of people wake up still tired. Few wake up energized. But most, wake up dead, physically unable to transfer the infinitesimal amount of energy they have into hitting that snooze button. This list is for those people.

1. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Alarm Clock

This 9.5-inch tall Darth Vader clock features a digital LCD screen, alarm and snooze functions, and poseable arms and legs. So even when it’s not waking you up, it still looks great as a display piece. Pew pew pew, sleepyhead, the fight awaits.

2. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Gone are the days when there’s simply no time to get a few bicep curls in. This digital dumbbell is actually an alarm clock, and it only goes off after 30 upward swings. It may weigh a measly 1.25 pounds, but you gotta start somewhere. I think the saying goes something like: 30 upward alarm clock swings a day keeps the arm flab away?

3. Game Boy Alarm Clock

Wake up to memories of your favorite Nintendo characters, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and more, every morning with this geeky Game Boy Alarm Clock Paladone. You can change the time using the console’s buttons on the front, and set the alarm with ease. Styled exactly like the handheld Game Boy consoles of my childhood, this alarm clock is a blast from the past.

4. Tech Tools Flying Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for an alarm clock that will get you out of bed in a hurry, this is it. Consumer drones have been a round for a while, but they’re finally finding their place in the bedroom. The Tech Tools Flying Alarm Clock does exactly what you think it does: It flies away as it sounds off, forcing you to get your butt out from under the covers to catch it. You can hope it flies down the hall and out of your life, but you’ll risk it crash landing in your significant others’ hair while they sleep which is a lose-lose for everyone involved.

5. Sonic Alert Dual Alarm Clock

Okay, this one is wild. This alarm clock is essentially a two-in-one. Not only does it sound off loud and proud, but it also features pulsating alert lights and a powerful bed shaker that you can slip under your pillow. It might not be the end of the world, but your dazed self will for sure think it is when this Sonic Bomb goes off.

7. Clocky

Clocky, the Original Runaway Alarm Clock on Wheels, is my personal favorite. When it’s time to start the day, Clocky hops from a nightstand and powers around carpet or wood until you get up and catch him. Due to it’s design, Clocky can wheel around even if he flips upside down.