The Mandalorian was a popular choice this con, and everyone brought their own flair! | Source: The Pop Insider

This year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC) may have come to a close, but we cannot stop thinking (and talking) about the cosplay at this celebration of all things pop culture. Cosplayers dedicate themselves to dressing as their favorite characters, often as close to the original look as possible (or with creative twists), and this year’s cosplayers certainly dressed to impress. We searched all over all four days of the con to find our favorite cosplays to share with you!

From outer space to your favorite fantasy video game world, these cosplayers were bringing their very best. There are mashups of different franchises, some old favorites, and a ton of great inspiration for your next con visit. Keep scrolling to see our faves!

Source: The Pop Insider

@janiku_cosplay | Mysterio + Mandalorian
@lotcosplay | Spider-Man + Mandalorian
@mtgaska | Iron Man + Mandalorian

Bringing two major Disney properties together, this group of cosplayers found the perfect way to combine Marvel characters with Star Wars’ The Mandalorian.

Source: The Pop Insider

@micvalpro | Mr. Freeze from Batman

Who doesn’t love Mr. Freeze’s tragic love story? Mic brought this Mr. Freeze cosplay to the con, based on the villain’s outfit in Batman: The Animated Series.

Source: The Pop Insider

@antisocialpictures | Deathstroke from DC Comics

Daughter of the mercenary villain Deathstroke, this cosplayer is bringing Rose Wilson to life!

Source: The Pop Insider

@handsomehostlos | Dwayne Hicks from Aliens
@kdnicki | Jenette Vasquez from Aliens
@cez_a_lee | Ripley in the power loader from Aliens
@jorgee_0916 | Bishop from Aliens

Ready for a re-enactment of a beloved action film? This group is! And you’ll be hoping they’re nearby if xenomorphs hit the con.

Source: The Pop Insider

@whiskeypoweredcosplay | Shambler from The Last of Us

The zombies from The Last of Us — inspired by real-life Cordyceps fungus that infects and “zombifies” insects, — have always spooked us, and this cosplay is no exception!

Source: The Pop Insider

@lizardthew1zard | Deathguard from World of Warcraft

WOW players will double-take when faced with the Forsaken military at a convention.

Source: The Pop Insider

@thearmoredgarage | Korg from Avengers: Endgame

The good-natured, Fortnite-loving rock alien got to take a much-needed vacation at NYCC thanks to this cosplayer.

Source: The Pop Insider

@theacostaproject | Buzz Lightyear

From the big screen to the convention floor! This Buzz Lightyear looks ready to go to infinity and beyond.

Source: The Pop Insider

@hummin_h2 | Juggernaut from Marvel Comics

An unstoppable force at any con — Heroes were sure to start sweating if they came across this powerful Juggernaut cosplay!

Source: The Pop Insider

@brandofettt | Boba Fett from The Mandalorian
@domcharland | Original Character (Mandalorian Scout) inspired by The Mandalorian
@ohrocco | Original Character inspired by The Mandalorian
@rock_lobster_johnson | Original Character inspired by The Mandalorian
@renegadehart | Original Character (Mandalorian Sniper) inspired by The Mandalorian
@dannycarmelo | Original Character inspired by The Mandalorian
@paul_might | Original Character inspired by The Mandalorian

The cosplay group called “The Worst Batch” brought their love for The Mandalorian to NYCC with Boba Fett and a number of original characters inspired by the Star Wars series. Who’s your favorite?

Source: The Pop Insider

@cerulea.cosplay | Rathian Armor from Monster Hunter

Maybe there was a monster bounty at NYCC because this cosplayer definitely looks ready to battle.

Source: The Pop Insider

@heroes_4_hire_costumes | Cable from Marvel Comics

The many Deadpool cosplayers probably had a blast once they realized there was a Cable at the convention. Hopefully, no fights ensued!

Source: The Pop Insider

@llspidey | Samus Aran from Metroid

This Samus costume, based on her look in Metroid Dread, is so quality we suspect she might even have the ability to turn invisible.

Source: The Pop Insider

@rethinkcosplay | Doctor Strange from Avengers: Infinity War

With the crafted hands adding the perfect touch, this Doctor Strange is definitely prepared for some multiverse shenanigans.

Source: The Pop Insider

@artbykbar | Spawn

It isn’t all Marvel and DC at NYCC. Coming in with some Image Comics rep, we have Spawn, the infamous antihero who made a deal with a devil.

Source: The Pop Insider

@frankly_built | MK39 Starboost Suit from Iron Man 3

In a getup that would impress Tony Stark himself, this cosplayer has brought to the convention one of Iron Man‘s many cool suits.

Source: The Pop Insider

@197209ryankelly | Tusken Raider Mandalorian (Original Mashup Concept)

Perhaps inspired by Boba Fett’s capture by the Tusken Raiders, this cosplay mashes together the raider and Mandalorian looks.

Source: The Pop insider

@michellefoard | Proxima Midnight from Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos‘ kids are definitely great at causing trouble, and this cosplayer is capturing a villain’s smirk. This cosplay was put together with foam armor but it looks like the real deal!

Source: The Pop Insider

@dprimexd | Moon Knight from Disney+ Moon Knight

Giving Oscar Isaac a run for his money, this Moon Knight captures the Egyptian-mythology-inspired character in detail.

Source: The Pop Insider

@geno_bonsanti | Guts in Berserker Armor from Berserk

This Berserker Armor is so detailed, it could fool Hanarr!

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All images and cosplayer details were collected by Elena Sorce.