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Alright, fashionistas. It’s that time of year again, when the fashionable elite turn out in full force for Fashion Month, which kicks off in the greatest city in the world (AKA Manhattan, for you non-Hamilfans.) from Sept. 6 to 14. Before we see NYC’s fashionistas and fashionistos out in full force rocking the latest looks, let’s revisit all the times our favorite movies and TV shows captured the most stylish moments on the world’s runways.

1.  Sex and the City

You can’t talk fashion and the city without bringing up SATC, right? Who could forget when Carrie became a “real person” model in a professional fashion show, and then totally fell flat on her face. Which, I mean, TBH, totally relatable. Then, the Heidi Klum actually stepped over SJP’s “fashion roadkill.” But, the true lesson is to always get up after a fall, and that’s message we can all get behind.

2. Sex and the City: The Movie

The entire SATC movie (Isn’t the entire fashionable franchise iconic?) revolved around the timeline of Fashion Week and the girl gang congregating front-row. I mean, those are the seats I want. You know, if I were invited to NYFW. Where is Samantha Jones with my invite? All jokes aside, talk about the perfect Girl’s Day Out activity!

3. The Devil Wears Prada

When talking fashion movies, we cannot forget the iconic Meryl Streep-Anne Hathaway classic rom-com The Devil Wears Prada. Somehow, Andi snakes a trip from Paris from Emily’s grasp in time for Paris Fashion Week. Featuring runway collections and backstage chaos, here’s the perfect NYFW inspo. Hey, at least sitting on your couch is almost like sitting in the front row, right? Potato, Potahto.

4. The Bold Type

In the August season two finale of The Bold Type, who else wanted to stow away in Jacqueline’s steamer trunk as the magazine staff takes Paris for fashion week? Yes, fashion week is “quite a ride,” but watching the Freeform series is almost as if you’ll be there in spirit. Now, where is my Richard to meet me in the City of Lights? A question for another time.

5. Zoolander

Iconic movie fashion moments without mentioning Zoolander‘s walk-off? Now, that would be impossible. Special mention goes to David Bowie for his cameo in the film. And who could forget when Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller took over Valentino’s runway at Paris Fashion Week just to announce the film’s sequel? Legendary.

6. Lizzie McGuire

The ever-relatable tween Lizzie McGuire was easily our childhood role model, and when this episode aired, we saw the klutzy tween take on the modeling world and go full-on diva as she confidently worked the runway. Why wasn’t that my childhood again?

7. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

While Lizzie McGuire certainly tried on some eccentric couture looks in the film, the Italian catwalk and makeover sequence certainly beats any vacation I’ve ever been on. BRB, I’m still practicing my best walk in case I meet Paolo and he wants me to become a famous pop star.

8. Head Over Heels

The 2001 romantic comedy stars Parenthood’s Monica Potter and ’90s teen film star Freddie Prinze Jr. In the Cinderella-type story, Potter’s character moves in with four supermodels and is thrust into the glamorous world of fashion and runways. My ordinary roommates and neighbors seem dull in comparison.

9. Gossip Girl

There were too many fashion moments to count on Gossip Girl. From Jenny and Agnes’s guerrilla fashion show, Sage stripping down at Blair’s fashion show, and then the oh-so-memorable one where Eleanor chose socialite Serena to headline her collection over her own daughter. What about when Blair took her revenge out on her mom’s fashion show after Serena and new bestie Poppy were given front-row invites, instead of Serena hanging with Blair backstage? Drama, drama, drama—with a side of fashion. Just goes to show: Never mess with Blair.

10. Funny Face

Nothing can get more iconic in terms of fashion than Audrey Hepburn. Relive Hepburn’s most fabulous moments, including her big Funny Face reveal on the runway looking as chic and elegant as always. Audrey will always be fashion goals.

11. America’s Next Top Model

When talking *iconic* fashion moments, we’d be remiss not to give an honorable mention to ANTM. In the throwback seasons, we certainly saw the gamet of crazy when it came to stomping it out on the catwalk from falls, spiders, and heights; we certainly saw it all. Here’s hoping no models actually fall off the stage this month.

12. Phantom Thread

Watch as Alma gains confidence and shines in Daniel Day-Lewis’ gown on the runway in the 2017 film. The film follows popular British dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock and sister Cyril dressing celebrities, heiresses, and debutantes to tremendous acclaim. His perfectly tailored world is disrupted by Alma as she becomes his muse in the past times of fashion and runway shows.

13. The Bachelor

During Bachelor Ben Higgins’ run as the franchise lead suitor, he took contestant Lauren Himle on a very fashionable one-on-one date in Mexico. And no, we aren’t talking about Jordan’s recent rose ceremony outfit in Paradise. But rather, the week that the ladies and Ben H. went to Mexico City, and he took Lauren to strut side-by-side down the runways of Mexico City Fashion Week. Where do I sign up for that date?

14. Pretty Little Liars

PLL, in true form, took fashion shows to a killer level when A took over Mrs. D.’s fashion show to deliver the girls a message about Ali at the exact moment the four Liars were on the catwalk to honor their dear departed friend. Fingers crossed nothing like this happens this year at NYFW.

15. American Horror Story

During season five, AHS went glam with a fashion show, attended by the oh-so-fabulous Lady Gaga and Naomi Campbell. Talk about a memorable runway moment featuring killer LG stares to add to the AHS mood.

16. Saint Laurent

In the biopic based on Yves Saint Laurent’s life and career, this classic fashion show moment that showcases YSL’s label. The 2015 film catalogues Yves Saint Laurent’s life during the peak of his career in 1967 through 1976.

17. Ugly Betty

Of course, how could we not include the fierce crew at Mode? Not only did the show reveal some dramatic moments in its four seasons, but we also can’t skip over the incredible fashion looks, including the fashion show where Alexis Meade makes a gasp-worthy announcement.

18. The O.C.

In the pilot of The O.C., we meet the ever-fashionable Marissa as she hosts a charity fashion show, modeled by our favorite Newport residents in peak ’00s fashion. As Marissa struts her stuff, we see the first moment Ryan notices his new neighbor, and our shipper hearts melted for the first time.

19. Kinky Boots

In the 2005 film, Charlie Price wears the “it” shoes on the catwalk, iconic red thigh-high heels and all, as Lola and her crew bust out in song and dance. Also, can we get a fierce musical moments on the real runways?

20. Glee

Watch the next-gen New Directions stomp it to the death on the catwalk for a rendition of Beyonce’s “Diva.” Further proof that more fashion shows should have musical moments, don’t you agree? Side note: Darren Criss wins.

21. Gilmore Girls

During Rory’s Chilton days early on in the series, Lorelei was tasked to join the Booster Club during the annual fundraiser. This time, she was one of the mom models. And girls just wanna have fun—because Emily got to join in on the fun with a matching mother-daughter outfit.

Time for a fashion-themed binge ahead of keeping up with the latest looks from NYFW and Fashion Month. It’s almost as if we were attending the shows ourselves, don’t you think?