Who doesn’t love a hedgehog? They’re spiky on the outside, and sweet on the inside – kind of like a pineapple. They’re the pineapple of little furry animals. ?

Some are teeny while others are chubby, and some are cheerful while others are grumpy. No matter their size, shape, or mood, I want to hang with them all IRL. Scroll down to meet the spikey little blobs. Just don’t poke an eye out.

Most Photogenic: Mr. Pokee (@mr.pokee)

This handsome bebe is more well traveled than I am, posing for pics in sunflower fields, at the beach, and even on holiday in Italy. When he’s not on the go, you can catch him relaxing in his tiny socks, snuggling under the covers, or getting belly rubs. What a life.

Here comes your Monday motivation ????

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Most Relatable: Finn (@quilly.quinnstagram)

I never knew how hard I could relate to a hedgehog but Finn might just be my spirit animal. His page documents the workout struggles, hiccup attacks, and food comas that I get on the daily.

Best Props: Atticus and Acorn (@atticusthehedgie)

Catch Atticus and Acorn doing what they do best – posing in handmade costumes with itty bitty props like hedgehog-sized parasols, tea sets, globes, pianos, potted plants, and more. They also have excellent taste in books–their favorite is Harry Potter.

Acorn and his lil pom pom hat ?

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Coolest Costumes: Imomo and BingBong (@imomoxbingbong)

This brother and sister pair from Hong Kong have an extensive wardrobe, and a clean, crisp aesthetic. Check them out to see what it looks like when a hedgehog dresses up as a frog, elephant, swan, polar bear, and more. If it were Halloween, I’d give them the entire candy bowl.

Cutest Baby: Felix (@felix_thehedgie)

If you’ve never seen a baby hedgehog before, you need to stop, drop, and roll, and look up Felix the hedgie STAT. Felix was born in March, making for the cutest baby photos OF ALL TIME.

Sem že doma ?

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Best Backdrops: Lionel and Leo (@lionelthehog)

These southern smushies are round and plump and everything that is good in this world. They get around town in Charleston, SC, making for the prettiest backdrops full of classic shutters, vintage cars, and sandy beaches.

Biggest Comedian: Bill (@bill.the.hedgehog)

Meet Bill with the quills that are always on fleek. The best part is the captions that make me l.o.l., like “side eye the haters” and “pass the aux.” Such a comedian, that Bill.

pass the aux

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Grumpiest Boi: Pierre (@pierrelittlehedgehog)

This prickly smush can be a grumpy boi most of the time but same, Pierre, same. Maybe he’s smiling, maybe he’s getting ready to attack, but either way he loves to show off those pearly whites and I love to see them.

Best Solo Act: Penny (@hedgehog.penny)

While Penny used to share an account with her guinea pig siblings Peanut and Squanch, she recently decided to go solo à la Camila Cabello, breaking out on her own like the superstar she is. She also loves to hide inside fruit teepees and snuggle sags, which is just as cute as it sounds, especially considering that she’s the roundest lil blurbberry I’ve seen all day.

playin in the grass ?

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Best Close-ups: Clay (@clay.hedgehog)

This Indonesian hedgie enjoys the simple life, like taking walks in the grass, curling up in soft blankets, and slurping up apple and melon. Follow to zoom in on those beady eyes and whiskery pink nose that I wanna boop.