Does your ferret hang low? Does he wobble to and fro? Can you tie him in a knot? Can you tie him in a bow? ?

I never met a ferret I didn’t like. They’re long and bendy like a snake, but furry and cuddly like a hamster. Like a hamster snake. Or a fur noodle. What’s not to love? Check out the coolest Insta ferrets you’ll ever see:

Biggest Imagination: Moose (@themodernferret)

It’s clear that Moose knows how to have fun playing dress up in the finest bowties and giving Drake a ride on his back. He has the best photoshoots of all time—especially “Moose doodles,” a series of illustrations that turn Moose into different characters including Elvis, a detective, a dragon, and more.

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Yes it's true, Drake calls up from time to time to ride Moose after being #Downsized. ? He's getting better at holding on but sometimes Moose bucks him off to get a good itch in. We haven't heard from Drake ever since last time when Moose thought it would be a great idea to jump in a tunnel in the middle of a ride! ? Help us get Drake's attention again by tagging him in a COMMENT below at @champagnepapi ? Moose is sorry and WE WANT YOU BACK, DRAKE!❤ For more ferrets, follow ? @the.modern.ferret #MooseandFriends . . . . . a #portrait a #portraits_ig a #pixel_ig #portraiture a #expofilm3k a #portrait_perfection a #portraitstyles_gf a #snowisblack a #portraits_universe a #featurepalette a #bleachmyfilm a #portraitmood a #featurepalette #rsa_portraits a #makeportraits a #profile_vision #top_portraits a #life_portraits a #postthepeople #quietthechaos a #2instagood a #theellenshow a #ellendegeneres a #manipcomp #downsizing #downsizingmovie #drake #ferret

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Most Adventurous: Cora the Explorer (@coratheferret)

This little girl is a squirmy delight and lives up to her name, Cora the Explorer. Follow her adventures to see her taking road trips in RVs, getting lost inside house plants, and taking lots of naps in between. A girl’s gotta get her beauty rest, ya know.

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Rub my belly and feed me treats ?

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Biggest Book Worms: Diggle and Wasabi (@thebookferret)

Book nerds will love Diggle and Wasabi because every post is dedicated to a different book. Each post features one (or both) of these fur sausages posing next to one of their favorite books, captioned with a quote from the book and a description about why it’s worth reading. A book a day keeps the doctor away!

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“The full list of these fouls, however, has never been made available to the wizarding public. It is the Department’s view that witches and wizards who see the list ‘might get ideas’.” ― J.K. Rowling, Quidditch Through the Ages . . I feel like quidditch and ferrets actually go pretty we’ll hand in hand. Trying to figure out loopholes to get to where and what you want? Ferrets would be fantastic at that. Somebody get the boy on a quidditch team! ✨ . . As someone who was never quite coordinated enough for sports, I still loved the idea of Quidditch and fancied that if given the chance, I would love to be a beater. The one time I played Muggle Quidditch I was a beater and I was, as expected, pretty terrible. But that didn’t make it any less fun! Have you ever played Muggle Quidditch? ? . . P.S. This is just a friendly reminder that Book Ginny went on to become a professional Quidditch player as a seeker for the Holyhead Harpies and even Harry admits she’s a better player than he ever was. All the love for badass Book Ginny! ✊? . . . #thebookferret #books #bookstagram #bookworm #booknerd #bookpets #bookaddict #bookphotography #bibliophile #instabooks #ferret #instaferret #ferretsofinstagram #ferretgram #instapets #petsofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #digglebear #quidditch #hp #harrypotter #quidditch #hufflepuff #tongueouttuesday #jkrowling

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Biggest Troublemaker: Fergus (@fergustheferret)

Fergus is always up to no good, like trying to eat wild frogs, burying himself in the sand at the beach, and knocking over water cups around the house. But he’s just so darn cute, who could stay mad at a face like that?

Sweetest Sisters: Ellie and Vivian (@george.the.ferret)

These sisters are down for a good time, from rolling around in bathtubs to snuggling with their stuffed pigs. They can be a bit bratty at times, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Who am I to judge?

Most Playful: Ollie, Flynn, and Lola (@ollieferretbeast)

The three best friends that anyone can have, anyone can have, anyone can have. These siblings love to play together, hopping around like kernels inside a bag of popcorn. Ollie is the curious one, Flynn is super hyper, and Lola is a cuddle monkey. Look for videos of the fur babies running wild and photos of them snuggling after they crash.

Most Curious: Ramsay (@ramsay_ferret)

Ramsay is a man who knows how to get what he wants, including terrorizing the cat and jumping into the dishwasher. He follows his curiosity wherever it takes him, and I dare you to try and stop him.

Biggest Family: One Ferret Family (@ferrets_mania)

This family of nine noodle bears are everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Otis, Thyssen, Epson, Pepsi, Poncho, Hulk, Salomon, Fet, and BeetleJuice will fill your feed with all the furry happiness you never knew you needed.

Most Outdoorsy: Shush and Kurt (@shusha_ferret)

These two babes are enjoying everything Kiev, Ukraine has to offer, exploring the great outdoors one sunflower at a time. Sometimes they go for a leisurely walk outside, sometimes they take a car ride with their humans, and sometimes they just take it easy chillin’ at home—but they do it all in style.

Biggest Snuggle Muffins: A Whole Lotta Ferrets (@littlestarferret)

This family of seven bouncy ferrets from Denmark are the most cuddly string beans you’ll ever see. Ferrets excel at spooning, because they’re so bendy. Check them out for #napgoals in every shape and color.