When did being a lizard person become such a bad thing? For reference, Google “Is Justin Bieber a lizard,” and you’ll get tons of articles debating the reptilian status of Bieber, along with dozens of other celebs. If Bieber is in fact a lizard, he would most definitely have more Instagram likes than all of us.

Never say never, but even if lizards can’t sing, there are still plenty of perfectly photogenic geckos, chameleons, and bearded dragons waiting for followers to flock to them. Here are some of my scaly favorites.

Biggest Sassy Pants: Puff (@p.u.f.f.themagicdragon

This 3-year-old bearded dragon is living her best life snacking on crickets, bell peppers, and berries, and pretty much whatever she wants. And whatever she doesn’t want? She picks it out of her bowl and throws it on the ground for her hoomin to clean up. Deal with it.

Most Playful: Fred (@lifewithfred)

Fred is a young teenage chameleon, doing typical teenager things including walking the dog, drinking cold-brew (or at least posing with it), and chilling at the play ground with his pirate ship. Up, up, and away!

Coolest Details: Charlie and Kamychong (@charlie_n_kamychong)

These two chameleons are full of cool details, with close-ups that show just how intricate their different colors and textures are. And if you’ve never seen a lizard tongue before, now’s your chance!

Best Miley Cyrus Impression: Boris (@boristhechameleon

He came in like a wrecking ball! Boris the chameleon is a red beauty who lives with his vet tech human to tend to his every need. Look for lots of videos of him out and about, including his take on Miley’s “Wrecking Ball.”

Life of the Party: Elvy (@elvisthecham314

Elvy the 11-month-old veiled chameleon is an outgoing guy who loves being the center of attention at all costs. Look for photos of him playing pool, taking selfies, and just being the life of the party. Bonus: lots of cameos by Peach, the orange panther chameleon.

Most Stylish: Sly, Oogway, and Denis (@menageriehaven)

Meet Sly, Oogway, and Dennis the leopard geckos, who you will find sporting the finest leopard coats on the ‘gram. They are equally adorable with no spots in sight because nude just happens to be the most stylish color of the season.

Biggest Squad: Oscar, Waldo, Brucia, Pete, Norman, Dobby, and Kevin (@bunnyandlizards

Oscar the bearded dragon, Brucia the leopard gecko, Waldo the chameleon, and Pete, Norman, Dobby, and Kevin the crested geckos make up one large and in charge lizard squad. Oh, and there’s also a bunny named Fonzie and a dog named Lucy.

Most Adventurous: Zeus (@zeusthealmightychameleon

Zeus the fearless chameleon isn’t afraid of anything. Follow his adventures of exploring the bookcase, playing (or climbing) guitar, getting spritzed with water, and changing colors like chameleons do.

Best Close-Ups: Django (@django.chameleon)

This 6-month-old baby from Czech Republic spends all his time eating crickets and posing for photos. And we get to see the end results, with pictures from every possible angle.

Biggest Boi: MacGyver (@macgyverlizard

MacGyver is a humongous lizard the size of a large dog that loves being held like a baby. He enjoys the finer things in life, such as eating hard-boiled eggs and shrimp tails with chopsticks.

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