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Hear any good Star Wars stories lately? While there’s no confirmation from Lucasfilm as of this writing, there’s a growing speculation that further plans for Star Wars one-offs, spin-offs, standalones, anthology films, or anything else that might be dubbed “A Star Wars Story” is now on hold. I think that’s a real shame.

There’s a frequent fan argument that Disney has “mishandled” Star Wars, and it goes back to that same very loud, extremely vocal subset of people that frankly, I’m tired of talking about. Those people don’t deserve to have their message amplified, but I will say this: Disney will protect their investment in Lucasfilm, and I believe that they have done and continue to do a fantastic job in protecting the legacy of the franchise and positioning it for a long future ahead. That’s not to say they haven’t had missteps, but the only real mistake they’ve made was placing Solo in a May release spot and sticking to it despite production problems. All the other chatter is essentially meaningless, as audiences have become used to Star Wars as a holiday season tradition, and instead they received a smaller, one-off Star Wars movie in between the wake of superhero season and the start of the summer blockbusters. Focus is now being placed on bringing the new sequel trilogy (the “Rey Trilogy?”) to a satisfying conclusion as J.J. Abrams and his crew ramp-up production of the as-yet-untitled Episode IX.



Have you ever seen that red Millennium Falcon blueprint T-shirt? It’s been a popular one in recent years (I have the companion blue AT-AT shirt), most often found in the men’s section of your local Target store. Well, according to a full-blown musical number led by Anthony Carboni in the 100th episode of The Star Wars Show, that shirt is actually a “totally original, never replicated red Millennium Falcon shirt.” But that’s not all, you’ll have to watch this celebratory, vintage variety show epic for yourself to see all the other magic at play…

More Bounty Hunting? The SDCC Exclusives Continue!

Earlier this month we discussed the first Star Wars exclusives coming to Comic-Con International in San Diego this July. As promised, more reveals have taken place, and there’s likely a few more yet to come.

From LEGO Group comes the 2018 SDCC Exclusive Millennium Falcon Cockpit, a 203-piece set based on the way that the famed Corellian freighter appeared in Solo. No, it’s not a completely accurate scale (two seats, not four), but dig that comic-style packaging, complete with a nod to the old “Comics Code Authority” on the box. They’re doing some non-Star Wars exclusives in this style as well, including a cool Aquaman set.

Funko is rolling into San Diego with a pair of new Star Wars POP! Vinyl figures, and this year they’re pulling from The Clone Wars animated series for inspiration with Cad Bane, who will join the collection alongside an Imperial Patrol Stormtrooper, as seen in Solo.

Speaking of The Clone Wars, Funko is making their long-awaited jump into that territory with a new assortment of Pops including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Master Yoda and Ahsoka Tano in both regular and Padawan versions (the latter will be a Hot Topic exclusive).

While The Last Jedi was divisive, pretty much everyone agreed that the Porgs were adorable. From Mattel comes the Porg Hot Wheels Battle Rollers SDCC Exclusive, a $10 set that finds one of the adorable creatures in command of the Millennium Falcon. Can we call him/her “Captain Porg?” You can do whatever you want with your toys, it’s your money!

Finally, Gentle Giant has added another SDCC exclusive into the mix with a Concept Series Yoda bust based on old Ralph McQuarrie concept art, while Hasbro has added The Black Series “Exogorth Escape” set (which includes Han Solo and a Mynock) and a Rey vs. Kylo Ren Starkiller Base “Centerpiece” Set.


  • Who’s behind the mysterious campaign to “Remake the Last Jedi,” and why is Seth Rogen so interested in tweeting with them? This fandom gets weirder by the day.
  • It was sorta overshadowed by the other big release last month, but Star Wars-themed metal band Galactic Empire released their second album, with the appropriately-titled Episode II out now on Rise Records. Check out the official video for “March of the Resistance.”