We’re still collectively on the Peter Kavinsky train, right?

OK, good.

It also seems like I’m not alone—including Kiernan Shipka, from Mad Men and the upcoming The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. She proposed to Noah Centineo, the guy who plays Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, on Instagram. She posted a photo of him with the caption: “@ncentineo this is an official proposal let me know if you’re down and I can make myself available.”

But let me get this straight: When I propose to someone via an Instagram Story, it’s “creepy” or “stalker-ish,” but when Kiernan does it, it’s cute?

Whateverrrrrrr. We’ve got some new content this week to look forward to—including our dear Sabrina—so let’s get to it.

CAOS is coming! Figuratively and literally!

Spooky szn is officially upon is. We got a trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and I’m more excited for this show now than ever before. Here is my spellbinding stream of consciousness while watching it:

Oh, maggots! Look at all of those candles. The Spellmans fittingly run, live, and probably practice witchcraft at good ‘ol Greendale’s mortuary. So is this high school going to be like every teen drama ever, where the kids never go to class? Oh, what does that blackboard say? WHO IS THIS DEMON? I swear to God if Harvey Kinkle completes the trio of charming fictional men to join Peter Kavinsky and Young Bill Anderson™, then I’m out. Is this party different than Sabrina’s creepy table party? That kiss! Loooots of spooky stuff happening here. Hey, demon goat man is back! Oh good, the table is now full with creepy people, including demon goat man. 

The only way to make Marvel fight scenes better.

The trick? Add some ABBA music. These videos will instantly turn your day around. This Infinity War battle and Bucky falling to his death seem so much less intense when set to Swedish pop music.

What a forking good trailer!

Holy shirtballs, y’all. I’m so jaded with 30 second to a minute trailers and teasers (or literally two seconds worth of new footage of Game of Thrones, thanks HBO), that this The Good Place footage is like finding out that the Pizza Hut you’re going to also has a Taco Bell. While we patiently wait for the Sept. 27 premiere, NBC gave us a first look at the entire first scene of the third season premiere—and it reminds us why we fell in love with this show in the first place.

This Week in Kit Harrington News

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington made multiple headlines this week while attending the Toronto International Film Festival to promote Xavier Dolan’s The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. Because I love you, here are some Jon Snow-sized conversation pieces you can use this weekend:

  • The highly anticipated Game of Thrones series finale might not please everyone. TBH, this isn’t that shocking because you can’t make everyone, but it’s a bit worrisome that he brought up other unsatisfying endings, such as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Oh well, you still know where I’ll be every Sunday night for a six week period sometime next year.
  • Someone get this guy a Hogwarts robe and a trip to Ollivander’s! “I always wanted to be in a Potter movie. I always wanted to be Harry Potter,” he said at People and Entertainment Weekly‘s video suite. Dear JK Rowling, please write a new eight-book series so we can all live his dream together.
  • Harrington also addressed queer representation in Hollywood, specifically in Marvel movies. He told Variety“There’s a big problem with masculinity and homosexuality that they can’t somehow go hand in hand,” Harington said. “That we can’t have someone in a Marvel movie who’s gay in real life and plays some superhero. I mean, when is that going to happen?”
  • While there was a lot of chatter about the DC Universe switching up its cast for roles like Batman and Superman this week, the rumors that Harrington was approached to play Batman is false.

Give us a Wasp standalone movie!

@Marvel, this is my official petition. Evangeline Lilly, AKA the Wasp, totally reconsidered her willingness to lead in a Wasp-only film. “And I’ve been asked, ‘Would you like to do a standalone Wasp film?’ And I keep saying, ‘Well, I don’t think so, because they’re partners, and they were always partners, and they’re original founding members of the Avengers and they belong side by side.’ And now I’ve been seeing posters coming out for Captain Marvel, and I’m like, ‘Ohh, hang on a minute! That looks really fun!’” the actress said at Salt Lake City’s FanX convention. Great, now we’re all on board! Maybe this dream could happen someday, since Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige said we can expect more ladies to finally lead some MCU films in the future.

Watch this Pixar movie theory.

BUCKLE IN. This theory connects the Pixar universe perfectly, tying together some of the best animated films of all time. Of course, these are not confirmed, but are super convincing. Hey, I’ll believe it.

More relatable memes.

Meryl Streep as a U.S. Open spectator might just be my favorite Meryl meme. The actress never fails to provide some of my favorite memes, and she totally delivered with some amazing over-the-top sideline reactions during the tennis tournament last weekend. This is also the face I make every time I open my TD Bank account.

Now, cheers to the weekend! Until next time, my beautiful trash babies!