The first season of Cosplayers Getting Coffee goes out with a bang (and a boom! and a pow!).

In this special episode, past guests of the show meet up to discuss their experiences being on CGC, chat about how Cersei Lannister and Britney Spears would make some badass Disney princesses, and play a ridiculously funny game of Watch Ya Mouth.

Fans can get caffeinated with Jenna Mandaglio (@Mandaglorian) as Weiss, who first made her debut on the Youtube series as Rogue from X-Men Evolution in episode five, which you can revisit below.

Say hello to one of the CGC O.G.s Chris Calfa (@PrincessChrisCosplay), who appeared in the very first episode in an Ariel-inspired ensemble. He dressed up for real this time in a sequin-studded dapper look based on Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Joe Spruill (@JoetheBeastMccoy) stops by as Beast from X-Men, the same iconic look he sported in the show’s second episode.

Jon Aragon (@Superheroes_ultimate) changes things up with his best Deadpool impression, after his debut in lucky episode seven as Logan.

Check out the full anniversary episode below to see the four cosplayers revisit the show in all their glory.