For episode 14 of Cosplayers Getting CoffeeSilk Spectre and Link sit down to chat about all things cosplay — from their biggest cosplay fails (two words: ripped butt) to the craziest things they’ve ever done for a cosplay.

Aileen Rivera Cinqueman (@momthecosplayer) channeled her inner Watchmen in her Silk Spectre (aka Sally Jupiter) cosplay, describing her as “a superhero who actually has no super powers, but she’s badass.”


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Erich von Metzger (@BrooklynLink) channeled his favorite character of all time, Link, for his cosplay. Inspired by the version of Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, his detailed cosplay includes Link’s iconic blue tunic, pointy Hylian ears, and, of course, the Master Sword.


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The pair goes on to choose some fandom favorites (Tobey McGuire = the best Spider-Man), describe Watchmen and The Legend of Zelda in 10 seconds, and play a tricky round of Flying Sushi Kitchen from RedwoodVentures.
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