‘Cosplayers Getting Coffee’ Ep. 17: Marvel Villains Assemble

Sometimes, it just feels good to be bad. That’s certainly the case for the stars of the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, which features four fans cosplaying as villains from the Marvel universe.

This episode is light on the coffee, because it was filmed as part of a 95-person Marvel cosplay meet up on Governor’s Island last month (check out our exclusive coverage here!). Despite the caffeine deficiency, the four villains energetically discuss the intricacies of their cosplays, what they love about these iconic characters, and more.

Luisa (@silhouettecosplay) presents her gender-bent version of Loki, complete with the God of Mischief’s signature horns, detailed armor, and a Tesseract cube prop.


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She chats with Jonny (@jon.sywan._), whose Red Skull cosplay goes all-out with prosthetics to create the look of the notorious Nazi-turned-Soul-Stone-keeper.


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The other villainous pairing includes Jamie (@hollypeppermint) as Thanos‘ henchwoman, Proxima Midnight. She describes how she crafted the character’s “sleek” Infinity War look, especially the horns — they’re clay and latex stuffed with cotton balls, in case you were wondering.


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The final villain was the most elaborate: Avi (@bluekirbycosplay) as Mysterio, complete with the villain’s iconic dome helmet. Because he couldn’t see out of the opaque helmet, he hid a camera on his costume and placed a monitor inside the dome. That is some serious cosplay commitment!


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Check out the full episode below!

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Cosplayers Getting Coffee shoots on Saturdays and Sundays in New York City. Do you want to show off your cosplay skills and be on the show? Let us know!

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