For fans attending Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC), the massive con had it all: celeb sightings, fun activations, and plenty of cosplayers taking of the streets of San Diego. Over at The Pop Insider’s Level Up kick-off party and Rooftop Pop Up Party, a group of 14 cosplayers took a break from the show floor for some sunshine, arcade games, and quick chat over a cup of coffee (or a refreshing cocktail).

While chillin’ up on the roof and soaking up the sun, or in between rounds of arcade games at Coin-Up, duos of cosplayers met up to chat about their favorite con memories, the top movies of 2019, and even sing some nostalgic theme songs during the 10-minute episode. The cosplayers chat about the need for acceptance and representation in cosplay, get nostalgic talking their favorite arcade games, embrace being geeks, and even belt out a little Backstreet Boys tune.

In this Cosplayers Getting Coffee episode, we meet 14 chatty cosplayers as they discuss geek pride, acceptance, and all the feels from Avengers: Endgame. Kyah (@kyah.voris), while dressed as Jack Skellington, chats with Stefany’s Arya Stark (@preferablystef). Lina as Stranger Things’ Eleven (@linabugz) is joined by Grae’s Tankerbell (@graedrake) up on the roof. We also meet Helen’s Antiope (@valkyriecreative), AJ cosplaying as Miles Morales (@partynerdaj), Darnell dressed as Luke Cage (@cagednerd), and Wayne’s Hercules (@predictablyham) during the sunny rooftop party.

Taking a break from arcade game rounds and an intense Pikachu costume relay race, Ashley as Supergirl (@ashley.l.mulcahey) chats with Brandon’s McThor (@mcthor_cosplay), while Evee dressed as Chel (@galaxypatio) talks with Brittany as Batgirl (@nerdgirlbritt). The episode also introduces us to Chris, who is dressed as Hellboy, (@kawaiidontcry) and Christine cosplaying as Wendy/BlackWidow (@thestarflower).

Check out the full episode below!

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