Now that Game of Thrones has returned for its final season, what better time for an all-Thrones episode of Cosplayers Getting CoffeeIn this episode, six cosplayers come in their Westerosi best to answer tons of detailed GoT questions.

Jaclyn (@casterly_fox) channels later-seasons Cersei Lannister, wearing the queen’s signature all-black dress and post-walk-of-atonement short hair. We all know Cersei lives for her wine, but this time coffee will have to do (or maybe a mimosa or two). Jaclyn talks all things Thrones with Christine (@princessmarquet), who cosplays as Jon Snow’s first love, the wildling Ygritte (RIP). Her take on Ygritte is “South of the wall,” which means “more earth tones” but the same furs and trusty bow and arrow.


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Wearing the iconic winter coat from season seven — which made its return for the season eight premiere — Jen (@jaenerystargaryen) cosplays as Daenerys Targaryen. She also sports the Dragon Queen’s braided, platinum locks and on-point eyebrows.


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Garrett (@nishagreyjoy) is repping the more nefarious inhabitants of the seven Kingdoms with his take on Euron Greyjoy. The look is based on the character’s book description, featuring Euron’s eyepatch and black lips.


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Check out these snaps of my Euron Greyjoy from @cosplayersgettingcoffee

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Lea (@kapppz) wears an elegant baby blue gown for her Margaery Tyrell cosplay (also RIP), along with Margaery’s long, curly, red hair.


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Daenerys Targaryen has many names —Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons to name a few — and just as many different looks throughout the series. Tessus (@tessusb) cosplays as Dany in one of her season seven looks, complete with a Targaryen-red cape held in place by a sash adorned with a dragon’s head.


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In the video, the three pairs answer themed “this or that” questions about the show, such as “The Hound or The Mountain?” (no love for The Mountain), “Brienne and Jaime or Brienne and Tormund?” and “Lady Mormont or Lady Olenna?” The Thronies answer some more open-ended questions, too, including the series’ most satisfying death, which GoT spinoff they’d want to see — an Arya and The Hound buddy cop show does sound fun — and who they expect to end up on the Iron Throne at the end (if there even is an Iron Throne).

Check out the whole episode below.

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