Oh, look, another glorious morning! Winifred Sanderson (aka the most sinister of her witchy sisters) sits down for a chat with two DC legends — Batman and Supergirl — on the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee. The trio came together for a cup of coffee and to chat all things cosplay prep, bust out some dance moves, and reveal some truths you may not know about them. (Supergirl has a Caped Crusader tattoo??)

Mosely (@therealmikalmosley) takes on the witchy Sanderson sis Winifred (Winnie) with his purple gown and embellished green overcoat, Bette Midler-inspired red-haired wig, and even a handmade book of spells.

Fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, Ashley (@pink.mason) brings Supergirl to life with her two-piece red-and-black ensemble, complete with wedges that she made herself.

Their partner in crime is the ever-committed Jason (@jgcosplay) who, despite not actually being Batman, stays in character in his blue mask and gray Bat suit, complete with the bat emblem and muscle illustrations.

The three cosplayers discuss crafting their stylish getups, learning to make their own costumes, and why waterproof makeup is always a good idea, as they gather for some laughs, conversation, and even a dance.

While this week’s Popthetical question about whether or not to attend a pre-screen of the Jurassic Park island stumped the panel, they do think tactically on their best choice for an allotted plus-one. They agree that Jeff Goldblum (since he has managed to escape several times) or Gert from Marvel’s Runaways  — who can communicate with dino Old Lace and all — would be the best companions for this journey. Smart thinking!

Check out the full episode below.

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