In episode 12 of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, Xion, Korra, and Nana Shimura meet up for some coffee, a hilarious (loud) game of Hasbro’s Hearing Things, and a chat about their favorite fandoms.

Fans get a look at Xion, cosplayed by Kim (@KC_cosplay), in her badass black coat, wielding her oversized Kingdom Key.

Korra, cosplayed by Vann (@Vsol_cosplay), is in her signature blue-and-white costume, complete with three pigtails (yes!) and armbands.

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"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. -Avatar Aang" ° Hope everyone's new year rolled in smoothly. Adjusting to the new isn't always easy but sometimes can be just what we need. I took a much needed break from social media and will continue to just pace myself. This life is precious – so it's important that we don't take it for granted and waste it. Here's to a productive new year. ° ?@lostdumplings ° #legendofkorra #thelegendofkorra #legendofkorracosplay #legendofkorracosplayer #lok #lokcosplay #lokcosplayer #lokcosplayers #korracosplayer #korracosplay #korra #avatarkorra #cosplay #girlswhocosplay #icosplaymag #cosplayzine #cosplayermonthly #cosplayisforeveryone #cosplayrama #cosplayermonthly #senpainoticeme #cosplayersofinstagram #anime #darkhorsecomics #nickelodeon #Otakon #Otakon2018 #VSOL

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“Dreamy” Shimura, cosplayed by Marjoan (@Mjdarling_), doesn’t disappoint viewers in a black bodysuit with the character’s signature yellow gloves, white cape, and red half-skirt.

In between geeking out over Kingdom Hearts, My Hero Academia – which is definitely absolutely *not* Naruto – and the Legend of Korra, the cosplayers discuss everything from release dates and Twitch to fun trivia like which fairy tales best describe their lives and whether they’d rather have four legs or four arms. (Xion and Shimura go right for arms, but Korra is torn between the two. Arms is the only right answer, obvs.)

After a few rounds of questions, the issue wraps up with the cosplayers playing a lively game of Hearing Things. The Hasbro game presents players with a lip-reading challenge – they take turns wearing speech-canceling headphones and try to guess what the other player is saying using their own lip-reading skills.

Check out the episode below and see how the trio does!

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