In episode 13 of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, not one, not two, but THREE Captain Marvel cosplayers come together for a shockingly good time.

First up, we’ve got Meg Foley, @megarahopecosplay, as Air Force Carol Danvers, complete with blue blood dripping from her nose.

Next, there’s Amanda, @Jedimanda, dressed as movie-armor Captain Marvel, ready for action in the iconic red, blue, and gold super suit.

And finally, Sarah Renninger, @Sarahspectre, completes the Captain Marvel trip as Comic Captain, in a campy, more classic version of Captain Marvel’s costume.

The Carols had a lot to talk about, from who they’d want by their side in a zombie apocalypse (?spoiler alert: Michonne), to female representation in superhero movies (?spoiler alert: not enough!!). They also break down the ’90s in 10 seconds, share their predictions for Avengers: End Game, and dish on their favorite video games. Plus, they share the cultural significance of Twilight (seriously, yes), AND play a rousing game of Shock Box, from Zing. Check out the full episode below!

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