Heimdall and the Winter Soldier walk into a bar. … Nope, stop trying to think back to Avengers: Infinity War because this is not some forgotten scene from the MCU. It’s episode 16 of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, with Brandon Drummer (@fire_forged_cosplay) as Heimdall from Thor and Rafael Ayala (@raf_bucky_barnes) as Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier.

Have you ever pictured Heimdall and the Winter Soldier chatting over coffee, and holding those coffee cups using some teeny, tiny, mini hands? Now you don’t have to.

In the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, Drummer wears Heimdall’s gold armor, with a shield, arm pieces, and a glorious headpiece. Ayala dresses in leather, with flowing locks and the Winter Soldier’s prosthetic silver arm.

In the video, the Marvel men discuss everything from favorite video games and time-traveler movies to reboots that should never, ever exist (Drummer will NOT support a Care Bears live-action movie). They also talk costume prep, what they pretend to hate but really love, and top picks to help them during a zombie apocalypse (X-Men characters are a popular choice). The episode ends with a round of the hilarious The Original Tiny Hands Challenge Game from Moose Toys, in which the guys attempt to complete tasks while wearing fake baby hands.

Check out the full episode below!

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