Two clowns walk into a coffee bar. … No, it’s not some kind of sick joke. It’s episode 22 of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, starring two of our favorite killer clowns.

The worlds of Derry and Gotham collide when Colin (@infinitepolygoncosplay) gets into character as DC’s Joker with his own hair dyed green and a big, creepy grin slashed up his cheeks, and Lua (@lua.stardust) cosplays as Pennywise from It Chapter Two in a silvery bustier with red pompoms, an orange wig, and floating red balloons.

The two villains chat about their clown alter-egos, what their custom theme parks would be like (spoiler alert: they’re terrifying), whose character would be scarier to find under your bed, and more. It’s not all fright-fest — there’s some clowning around, too, with a few punny rounds of the game Punderdome.

Watch the full episode below.

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Photo: Cosplayers Getting Coffee