Vegeta and Edward Scissorhands have more in common than just killer hairstyles.

In the latest episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee, two cosplayers sit down to discuss how they identify with these two nostalgia-inducing characters — and show us how Edward Scissorhands can pick up an iced coffee.


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Emy Electric (@electricemy) cosplays in a gender-bent version of one of her favorite Johnny Depp characters. Wearing the more casual outfit from the ’90s icon, Emy completes the sharp look with TSA-approved (probably) pair of scissor hands.

Emy speaks with Kevin (@Kofitnessnycosplay), who cosplays as the version of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z who becomes Majin Vegeta to defeat Majin Buu. Kevin animates the anime-inspired look with ripped clothes and the iconic forehead symbol.

The two talk about the inspiration for their cosplays, compete in a game of Hank’s Twisted Challenge, and discuss why the Care Bears would be terrifying IRL. Check out the whole video below.

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