Grab some Scooby Snacks and hop in the Mystery Machine because everyone’s favorite crime-solving cartoon pup is celebrating 50 years. The Cosplayers Getting Coffee team had a special photoshoot with Grace and Shine Photo in honor of this milestone anniversary, featuring four female cosplayers in a gender-bent version of the iconic gang.

Fans can go behind the scenes of the photoshoot with a special episode of Cosplayers Getting Coffee in which the cosplayers talk all things Scooby-Doo — from how they feel about Scrappy to what character they would add to the show. They even test their detective skills with a round of Clue!


The participants included Meg (@megarahopecosplay) as Fred, Catie (@thegiftedfaker) as Shaggy, Rebecca (@rebzdeladisco) as Velma, Lauren (@thefanged4) as Daphne, and Brett (@brokecosplay) as Miner 49er. The gang also had a legit Mystery Machine van, with a special appearance by Anakin (@anakin_thechosenpup) as Scooby-Doo.

Check out the full video below, along with more photos from the spooktacular shoot!

Cosplayers Getting Coffee shoots on Saturdays and Sundays in New York City. Do you want to show off your cosplay skills and be on the show? Let us know!

Photos: Grace and Shine Photo