First of all, if you’re reading this after watching the episode, congratulations on not immediately abandoning all technology. I am only here because I was told the Pop Insider won’t send my paycheck off the grid.

“Spyfall Part 2” not only made us terrified of our cellphones, but it brought us on a  journey through history. A minor history lesson on BA women was mixed in with discovering the truth about the Kisavrin (those aforementioned light monsters).

Ada Lovelace and the Doctor met inside the Kisavrin’s void while the Doctor’s companions were following directions on how to survive their plane crash. *Spoiler*: They managed to survive the whole episode, though this just offered a bit of comic effect and little else. Later on, the Doctor and Lovelace traveled to the 20th century and met British spy Noor Inayat Khan — better known as Codename Madeleine. 

Both Lovelace and Kahn were real women who changed the world and are definitely worthy of a deeper Wikipedia search. Lovelace was a mathematician credited with being one of the first computer programmers in the 1800s. Khan was a radio operator in Nazi-occupied Paris, and for four months she was the only one, cleverly evading Nazis every day, according to Rejected Princesses

Besides the history lesson, the episode did a wonderful job of answering all of the Spyfall-related questions. We learned who the Kisavrin were, how the Master was using them, and that it feels great when arrogant, evil-masterminds lose.

There were fewer tweets this week, which I presume is due to everyone being terrified of their phones emitting a blue ora and stealing their DNA. Check out a few of our favorites from those who braved through!

In a beautifully created ending, we gained 100 more questions that won’t be so easily wrapped up in the next episode. Most important: Was the Master telling the truth? And who the heck is the Timeless Child?

We could know the answers by the end of the season, but for now, let’s just enjoy the journey.

Photo: BBC