After the events of “Spyfall,” the Doc and her companions took a much-needed vacation to an all-inclusive resort — courtesy of Graham and some coupons he found in a vending machine.

As all holidays with family do, the trip quickly turned disastrous. *spoilers* A virus was set loose, weakening the resort’s defenses and letting unholy creatures inside. As it turns out, the resort was built on the nuclear-waste planet Orphan 55 to save money — yay, capitalism in space!

Fans are really divided over this episode because of its not-so-subtle political undertones. Orphan 55 was Earth at one point, and those unholy creatures, called Dreggs, are humans who adapted to breathe carbon dioxide like “really angry trees.”

The Doctor assured her companions that this was only one possibility of Earth. If people began to take care of the planet, they could avoid losing their souls and becoming flesh-eating monsters. Some fans are saying the message was too political, and other fans are calling them out, saying that the Doctor has preached about everything from nuclear war to the importance of voting since the show began. (Check out two of our faves below!)

I was more upset over the crazy number of casualties who were unnecessary to the plot. Is it really a win if almost everyone dies? Chris Chibnall: Please do better.

No matter what you’re standing on the episode is, there are two things we can all agree on: Ryan is terrible at flirting, and Graham is the most-relatable companion to ever grace our screens.

Photo: BBC