With a cliffhanger somehow worse than the season-12 premiere (remember the companions crashing toward Earth?), there is absolutely no way to avoid spoilers. Do yourself a favor and drop everything to watch it now.

Spoiler Alert!

Fewer than 10 people are left in the human race. Yaz and Graham are stuck on a ship full of thousands of cybermen. The Master is back. Everything is fine. I am fine.

Let’s take a collective deep breath and start from the beginning of the end. Throughout the episode, titled “Ascension of the Cybermen,” the story of the Doctor is juxtaposed against the story of Brendan, a baby who is found abandoned in the middle of an empty road. Brendan grows up to become a police officer, and in the course of that hazardous job he just happens to discover that he cannot die. His story is not fully explained, and the last time we see him, his adoptive father and police chief are erasing his entire memory.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and her companions end up in the distant future, where the Lone Cyberman has wiped out most of humanity, thanks to the Cyberium attained in the last episode. The team is split up when the Cybermen begin to attack the last of humanity. The Doctor, Ryan, and one of the only people left steal a cyber-ship, while Graham, Yaz, and the other two remaining people escape on another ship.

After a series of unfortunate events, Graham and Yaz are stuck on a ship with thousands of Cybermen inside of it, which the Lone Cyberman discovers — and we learn that they even fear it. At the same time, the Doctor and Ryan are staring at the boundary, a border between galaxies that can lead them to safety. Unfortunately for them, the portal starts to show Galifrey. Just when things couldn’t get worse, the Master pops out and declares, “Be afraid. Everything is about to change forever.”

In summary, I will be hyperventilating until next Sunday when the finale premiers. Distract yourself from doing the same with some of the tweets below.

Photo: BBC