“Alright, Monday, do your worst,” is the mantra that we all need right now after being up all night questioning what the hell happened in last night’s episode of Doctor Who.

Watching the BBC series has always been an emotional rollercoaster, but this week’s episode beat even “Skyfall” with its ability to make our brains melt into chaos. I’m just going to go ahead and put the spoiler tag at the beginning this week: If you haven’t watched the episode yet, it’s best to avoid the internet — and possibly everything around you — until you do.

Spoiler Alert!

The episode seemed like it would just be a fun Judoon storyline in which the Doctor tried to rhyme as many words as possible with the space cops’ name. Instead, it quickly turned into a whole, giant ball of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff that is still making my head spin.

First things first: He’s back! Like the space STD he has probably contracted, Jack Harkness flares up at the most unexpected times. The fan-favorite character, who is played by John Barrowman, hasn’t blessed our screens for the past nine years — and hasn’t been on Doctor Who in 10.

Jack picks up the companions one by one, mistaking each of them for the Doctor because his stolen ship detected her energy near them. Graham, Ryan, and Yaz are, more than ever, nowhere to be found as they learn about a great danger that is heading for the Doctor and hear warnings to “beware of the lone Cyberman.” Until the end, they are safely out of the way of the Doctor’s overall story arch — as opposed to every other episode when they are safely out of her overall story arch — but this time they’re with Jack so we’re letting it pass.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is trying to protect Ruth, who is a seemingly innocent person (who just happened to be dating an alien fugitive) until she rips the Judoon captain’s horn off. Imagine if that was the weirdest thing that happened in the entire episode.

Because Chris Chibnall wants us all to dive deep into obsessive fan theories it turned out that Ruth was actually the Doctor. Neither of them remembers the other, meaning something weird is going on and the Doctor (No. 13) believes that something terrible is coming for her, which she admits after the companions give her the warning from Jack.

Ryan tries to comfort the doctor, somehow forgetting he’s literally done nothing ever. In a heartwarming pep-talk, the companions actually end up helping the Doctor come to terms with what is ahead. Now we just need to do the same. 

In the meantime, check out some of our favorite Twitter reacts from last night’s episode!


Photo: BBC