The 12th season of Doctor Who premiered last night and, wow, that ending. 

It was the hilarious, nail-biting kind of premiere fans of the show have come to love. In the episode, the Doctor and her companions were recruited by MI6 to figure out why spies all around the world are suddenly dropping into comas and having their DNA rewritten.

Yasmin and Ryan are sent to look into the founder of a Google-like company called VOR, who they believe could be behind everything. Alien light monsters mix with sweet character development to make some really memorable moments.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Graham headed to the Australian Outback to meet up with O., an ostracized MI6 agent who had a history of collecting information on everything out of this world. The Doctor felt O. was their best chance at finding answers but quickly learned the aforementioned light monsters were unlike anything she’s seen in all of her lives.

After the team regrouped, they crashed the VOR leader’s birthday party hoping to get some answers to their million questions. The Doctor asked, but he didn’t answer, and ultimately a high-speed chase led to a huge realization and O. M. G. (Get it?)

Spoiler Alert!

The pun-filled reveal of O. as the Doctor’s longtime enemy the Master was everything! Can we just talk about how Sacha Dawan effortlessly changed from an alien fanboy into a murderous Time Lord within seconds?

We haven’t seen the Master since his incarnation as Missy in 2014. He and the Doctor are similar in many ways, but he wants to conquer the universe instead of save it. Our favorite Time Lord has been able to stop him every time in the past, but how can it happen this time?! In case your heart isn’t still pounding too fast, remember that we left off with her in some unknown plant-world and her team of companions plunging to their deaths in an airplane (welcome back, anxiety.)

Some fans are calling Spyfall Part One the best season premiere for the show in a long time. Despite this, it only had about 4.96 million views over the 7 p.m. hour on BBC One, according to Deadline. Jodie Whittaker’s first season premiere as the loveable Time Lord drew in 8.2 million in 2018.

The lower-than-usual numbers still beat Capaldi’s equivalent episode, which premiered to 4.6 million viewers in 2015. Low numbers or not, fans are obsessed. Check out some reacts below! 

The conclusion of Spyfall will air on Sunday. I’ll be sure to have a drink in my hand this time.

Photo: BBC One