Jack Skellington, Pennywise, and Stripe Cable Guys | Source: Exquisite Gaming

by Exquisite Gaming 

The seasons are changing and theres finally a chill in the air, which can only mean one thing: Its time to get festive! We know that the holidays at the end of the year usually divide people into Team Halloween or Team Christmas, but we just love any reason to get dressed up, eat copious amounts of food, and throw a party.

To get into the spirit of both the spooky and the holiday seasons, weve made a list of some of our helpful Cable Guys that will bring a sprinkle of merry magic into your homes, regardless of what you are most looking forward to celebrating. Lets get festive!


From the cute to the truly terrifying, our new Horror Collection encompasses everything Halloween is about. With these gruesome new characters coming soon, its time to hide under the covers if you scare easily.

Deadpool Zombie

They say that it all started with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds, but all we know is that Deadpool has now turned into a (very helpful) flesh-hungry zombie. ($24.99, Best Buy)

Jack Skellington

Prepare for mischief and mayhem in Halloween Town with this The Nightmare Before Christmas-themed phone and controller holder. Perfect for those who love both Christmas and Halloween, Jack Skellington will fit right in as the eerie accessory for your home. ($24.99, Lost Universe)


Awake from its slumber and ready to feed, the monster from the Blockbuster movie IT has recently joined our highly popular range of Cable Guys. Taking the form of Pennywise the Clown, hes ready to bring the shivers to anyone he meets. Just dont get too scared… ($24.99, EXG Pro)


Showing signs of sinister behavior even as a Mogwai, Stripe has now been forever immortalized as a helpful phone and controller holder. Stepping out from the screen of the original 1984 movie as the leader of the first batch, Stripe is ready to bring maximum mayhem to your gaming setup. ($24.99, EXG Pro)


Whether you want to bring a classic gaming character home for Christmas or youd like to add a little cinematic cuteness to your gaming setup, theres a Cable Guy for every festive mood.

Master Chief Infinite

The latest edition of the iconic Master Chief is here, ahead of the much-awaited release of Halo Infinite this December. Poised in his up-to-date green armor and helmet, this super soldier is prepared to protect your most prized possessions, including Christmas crackers. ($24.99, EXG Pro)

Monkey Bomb

A favorite among anyone whos ever played Call of Duty, this explosive Monkey Bomb is ready and waiting to brighten up anything from your festive stockings to gaming setups. Weve neutralized this destructive little monkey, and instead bring him to life as a handy holder. ($24.99, EXG Pro)


Running in at super speed from the world of gaming and entertainment as one of the worlds favorite video game characters, its the supersonic hedgehog Sonic — now featuring a Special Edition 30th Anniversary gold stand to really make him stand out. ($24.99, EXG Pro)

Toddler Groot

Christmas is one of the most heartwarming times of the year, and what better way to celebrate than with one of our most adorable characters? This true-to-life Toddler Groot will make everyone aww” within the first five minutes of seeing him, making this little guy the perfect topper to any festive celebration. ($24.99, EXG Pro)

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