There are 11 Hello Kitty x Pusheen mashup bag clip figures to collect! | Source: Monogram International/the Pop Insider

It’s just a week into the new year and we’ve already found one of the *cutest* mashups of 2022. 

Two of the most iconic, viral characters — Hello Kitty and Pusheen — are teaming up to celebrate friendship, comradery and that being different is OK. New from Monogram International, the Hello Kitty x Pusheen 3D Foam Bag Clip collection is out now, and we already want to collect them all. 

“The response to the new Hello Kitty x Pusheen blind bags has been phenomenal!” says Trinity Conley, executive assistant at Monogram International. “We’ve worked with Sanrio on their previous mashup with Viz Media’s Naruto Shippuden characters with great success, so we were delighted to start working with Pusheen’s team this time around.”


The crossover collection features 11 styles of Hello Kitty and Pusheen in different poses and wearing various outfits, and fans will find the kawaii characters dressed in each other’s likeness. You can find Pusheen sporting Hello Kitty’s iconic bow while eating a doughnut, Hello Kitty laughing in a Pusheen costume, and more.

Which Hello Kitty x Pusheen figure will you unwrap first?  | Source: Monogram International

The hunt is on! Each 2-inch, 3D foam bag clip is packaged in a blind bag, so collecting them is always a fun surprise. Functional and adorable, any fan of Hello Kitty or Pusheen (or both!) are going to want to get their hands on these blind bags. Fans can pick them up at their local FYE, Barnes & Noble, or Newbury Comics stores, or order them online at Entertainment Earth

To add to the collecting fun, fans can keep an eye out for the special rare chase figures. Getting a chase is like getting a golden ticket because these are distributed at random and you never know when you will receive one. If you are extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these ultra-rare collectibles: Pusheen with Bow and Book or Hello Kitty and Pusheen together (pictured in the image up top at the bottom right). 

What’s next for these besties? Fans can look out for a matching coin bank of Hello Kitty in her Pusheen Costume from Monogram coming out later this year. 

“Not only is the Hello Kitty x Pusheen crossover perfectly adorable and unique, but it also carries a beautiful message of friendship!” Conley says.