Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is Toy Con No. 4 in Nintendo’s line of build-and-play cardboard sets that bridge the gap between physical play and digital games.

Now, players can enjoy immersive VR gameplay, by building their own VR goggles, and inserting it into four totally unique Labo builds.

Since we’re super familiar with Nintendo Labo, we skipped the building process this time around and instead dove right into the gameplay. But, like all other Labo kits, some builds are more intricate than others, and players can expect to spend a few hours constructing their Toy Con one at a time.

First up is the Toy Con Blaster– the biggest creation in the set, and arguably, the coolest. With this, players can lock, load, and blast away aliens that have invaded a city, or help feed hungry hippos by blasting fruit into their mouths.

Then, there’s the Toy Con Camera, which players can use to explore an underwater world and complete photo objectives. This is a more exploratory style gameplay experience, similar to theBlu on the Vive.

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Toy Con Bird takes things to the skies, allowing players to press down on tabs to flap the bird’s wings. In the game, players can fly around and complete simple objectives, like helping to feed baby birds. The Toy Con Pedal works independently or in conjunction with the bird, launching a big gust of air when players press it down, resulting in an even more realistic gaming experience.

And finally, the Toy Con Elephant, possibly the most obscure build of the bunch. With this, players get creative with a paint studio, using the trunk as a paintbrush; or, complete a challenging marble run.

The newest Labo kit also features the VR Plaza, which includes 65 mini games players can enjoy with or without the Toy Con, in 2D or 3D. The revamped Toy Con Garage also allows players to create their own games from scratch, or using the games from the VR plaza as a base. The Garage brings in a fun programming aspect, taking the STEM learning of Nintendo Labo one step further.

The only downside we noticed in our gameplay is that the Toy Con can get a bit sweaty after long periods of use, so be sure to take some breaks. The games also feature fun turn-taking components to bring multiple people in on the VR experience.

And for the first time ever, this Labo kit is available at multiple price points. Players can purchase the full Nintendo Labo: VR Kit for $79.99, including all of the Toy Con and the software, OR you can opt for the more affordable Starter Set for $39.99, which includes the software, Toy Con VR Goggles and Toy-Con Blaster. If you later decide you want the additional Toy Con, you can buy the Expansion Sets, which each feature two additional Toy Con for $19.99 a piece.

Nintendo’s first foray into VR gaming, Nintendo Labo: VR puts a creative spin on standard VR mini games, fusing lots of common elements into one set that provides players with nearly unlimited gameplay, including the ability to craft your own games. Toy Con 4 will be available on April 12 at major retailers.