goodr CEO Stephen Lease and goodr Mascot Carl the flamingo | Source: goodr

Polarized sunglasses that don’t fall off your face, cost $25, AND feature designs based on some of your favorite fandoms? They actually exist — thanks to goodr. The Inglewood, California-based company is dedicated to creating fun, quality sunglasses that people can actually afford. What began as a Kickstarter-funded project between a couple of long-time friends has grown into a well-known brand with an incredible reputation.

The Pop Insider chatted with goodr CEO Stephen Lease to learn a little bit more about the company’s foray into fandom and what fans can expect next. 

The Pop Insider: What does goodr offer fans that’s different? 

Stephen Lease: We’re different because we love “F” words! Every product we make at goodr must speak to the four Fs. They must be fun, fashionable, functional (meaning made for an active lifestyle), and ‘ffordable ($25 price point). And when your name is goodr — the misspelling of a grammatically incorrect word — you can make up other words like ‘ffordable.

PI: Your company is 100% carbon neutral! Tell us more about this. 

SL: At goodr, our stated purpose is that we exist to give you the permission to be unabashedly yourself … unless you’re an asshole. Trashing the planet, our home, our Mother Earth, is something that assholes do. goodr has worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, and will continue to be vigilant of our packaging, shipping and delivery methods, as well as our basic habits at the goodr HQ — aka The Lagoon — by reducing waste, buying upcycled and recycled materials whenever possible, and enhancing our overall office efficiency.

PI: How do you think fitness and fandom go hand in hand? 

SL: Like bread and butter. Every single person that I run or play golf with is a fan of something. 

PI: How did goodr make its way into creating officially licensed sunglasses for fans? Was this always part of the “master plan?”

SL: One of our strategic anchors as a brand is creating connections. Our customers are fanatics — we actually get fanmail all of the time. So when we started getting approached with licensing opportunities with various bands, artists, and superheroes, we thought it was a great opportunity to create connections with their fans, too! It was never a part of the master plan, we’re just really, really fortunate.

Limited Edition: Batman, Welcome to the Neighborhood sunglasses | Source: goodr

PI: Earlier this year, you launched a heroes and villains collection featuring Batman and Wonder Woman-themed sunglasses. What went into designing these shades?

SL: In the words of Mike Eddy, head of design, “Anytime you’re designing for something as iconic as Batman or Wonder Woman, it’s incredibly exciting as the possibilities are endless. That being said, our No. 1 focus is always to tell a story rather than just slap a logo on it and walk away.

For this launch in particular we wanted to bring to life the classic theme of good vs. evil by incorporating some darker assets as well as some legendary villains. This is easy in theory, but becomes quite difficult when you’re working with a canvas as small as sunglasses. So for us, it really comes down to utilizing vibrant colors and patterns that help communicate the story while not becoming overly complex.”

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PI: You guys recently launched a collection featuring artwork inspired by The Rolling Stones! What are some of the most rewarding creative benefits to working with an artist to create eyewear inspired by iconic albums?

SL: The Rolling Stones is my favorite band of all time because it is my dad’s favorite band of all time. It was surreal for this partnership to happen. The most rewarding thing was being able to name a pair after my dad, Donald. The pair aptly named, “Honky Tonk Donald” are my tribute to him — and my father was blown away when I told him! 

Source: goodr

PI: What’s next for goodr? Any new collabs on the horizon for fans to look forward to?

SL: Something major! And by that, I mean major new partners! Follow @goodr on The ‘Gram to find out more and follow me @stephenlease for special scumbag CEO teases ahead of the actual launch dates.

To learn more about goodr or grab a pair of sunnies of your own, visit For a chance to win a pair of super-special, limited-edition Tropical Optical Rolling Stones x goodr sunglasses, click here! Valid through Aug. 8.