goodr introduces an all-new line of glasses to protect your eyes from both the screens and the sunlight! | Source: goodr/the Pop Insider

It’s time to level up your gaming with a new line of glasses from goodr. The new collection of no-slip, no-bounce, stylish eyewear features perfect pairs complete with Blue Mirage technology to protect your precious eyes from the harsh light of your screens, or polarized shades for when your adventures take you outside into the real world. Get ready for the ultimate power-up for your peepers — and check out our favorites below!

Professional Respawner | Source: goodr

Professional Respawner

Guess who’s back, back again? When you respawn, you hope to appear in a safe location, but sometimes you appear in a terrible location — like right in front of the enemy team — and you don’t have a weapon. But you do have these sweet, polarized sunnies with black frames and reflective, gold lenses that won’t budge from your face as you run to intentionally step on a landmine to respawn somewhere else. $25; Buy them here 

Modern Day Snake Oil | Source: goodr

Modern Day Snake Oil

The question isn’t whether or not these blue-blocker glasses with sharp black frames and clear lenses block blue light — they do! The question is whether or not they stop headaches, eye staring, fatigue, & tail growth — possibly! Just to be safe, you should try them out. $25; Buy them here 

Voight-Kampff Vision | Source: goodr

Voight-Kampff Vision

When questioning potential replicants, you want to keep a poker face, especially when you’re good at your job and can spot one in a crowd from several miles away. Slap on these no-slip, no-bounce, grey-framed, futuristic sunnies with all polarized, red, mirrored lenses and you’ll keep that poker face, no problem. But don’t wear them for an actual game of poker because everyone will absolutely be able to see your cards in the reflection. $35; Buy them here 

Don’t Tab Shame Me | Source: goodr

Don’t Tab Shame Me

You can open and browse as many tabs as you want — goodr won’t judge. They just care about you and want you to browse responsibly. You should always wear protection. The goodr Blue Mirage blue-blocking technology in these Don’t Tab Shame Me lenses with translucent, pink frames will help keep you safe from the alleged hazards of blue light exposure. $25; Buy them here

Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit | Source: goodr

Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit

The best moment in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series comes when Michelangelo and Donatello are watching the tortoise and the hare. Hence we created these tortoiseshell sunnies “Ninja Kick the Damn Rabbit.” Ninja kicking is actually a valid strategy for winning any race! These glasses are all polarized with no-slip, no-bounce coating, but with wider frames for those with larger melons or those looking for more coverage when executing their flawless moves. $35; Buy them here

Insert Coin to Continue | Source: goodr

Insert Coin to Continue

These flattering, round, tortoiseshell frames with clear lenses and blue-light blocking technology … INSERT COIN TO CONTINUE … (Actually, there’s probably no coin slot on your phone or computer, so just click on the link to get these goodr glasses in your hands and continue gaming all night.) $25; Buy them here 

Side Scroll Eye Roll | Source: goodr

Side Scroll Eye Roll

If you play side-scrolling video games, then you are at high risk for contracting Side Scroll Eye Roll Disease. Here are some common symptoms: 1. Your eyes constantly roll from left to right, no matter how much you fight against it. 2. You often dream of a simpler time when Mario just moved left to right and your success on a level had nothing to do with depth perception. 3. You rely entirely on luck, muscle memory, and memorizing patterns. The cure: These white-framed, purple-lensed beauties that are no-slip, no-bounce, all polarized, and all fun. $25; Buy them here 

Citron+Alt+Delete | Source: goodr


Do you want to hit remake, reboot, refresh, and revive? Do you want brutal belligerent bellicose butt-ugly bad bad bad blue light to back off from bombarding your beautiful brain? Then you’ll love Citron-Alt-Delete! These translucent yellow frames are built for more coverage or larger noggins and will counter, cancel, conquer, and kung-fu kick all that kooky cruel corrupt cantankerous blue light! $35; Buy them here 

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