Since its debut in 1993 Power Rangers produced 25 seasons of TV, more than 150 different Rangers, and four feature films. Now, going into its 26th year, the brand has a new home at Hasbro, with new episodes, products, and games on the way.

Hasbro purchased the Power Rangers brand from Saban Brands last May, obtaining rights to toys and games, consumer products, digital gaming, and entertainment. Saban Brands, owned by Power Rangers creator Haim Saban, controlled Power Rangers for most of its history.

Simon Waters, general manager and senior vice president of the Power Rangers franchise at Hasbro, says the sale was partially the result of a long-term friendship between Saban and Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner. Waters says the Power Rangers brand was also a good fit for Hasbro’s company goals.

“We’re in the business of bringing great play and entertainment experiences to families and enriching their lives through compelling stories,” he says. “Power Rangers delivers all of that.”

The sale also gives Power Rangers an opportunity to grow. In a press release about the acquisition, Saban says, “Hasbro’s leadership in innovation, storytelling, and brand stewardship make it the perfect company to further develop the global reach and appeal of the Power Rangers property.”

Now that the future of the crime-fighting, morphing teens rests with Hasbro, the company developed a new Power Rangers series—Power Rangers Beast Morphers—which premieres on Nickelodeon this year. According to Waters, show-runner Chip Lynn and Hasbro’s head of product development were in constant communication while creating the show.

Beast Morphers is based on a high-tech, digital theme, which runs throughout the entire series, and we wanted to make sure that we leaned into that by delivering amazing production values and ‘wow’ moments for fans,” Waters says. “This theme will also be reflected in cool new ways in the toy line, as well as an extensive amount of new digital short-form content.”

Hasbro has previewed a few of its Power Rangers products, including a Beast Morphers 6-inch Basic Figures Assortment and a roleplay toy line, both available this spring. For the fall, Hasbro previewed a Beast-X Ultrazord Figure and a Power Morphin Megazord Playset. The company will release additional toys and lifestyle products throughout this year.

Power Rangers Playskool Heroes Power Morphin Megazord Playset

“We have entirely new generations of audiences who’ll be discovering the magic of Power Rangers for the first time with Hasbro,” Waters says. “Our existing fan community is very close to our hearts, for whom we have great things in store.”

Hasbro also unveiled the first product in its Lightning Collection, a White Ranger figure, at last year’s Power Morphicon convention in Anaheim, California. The Lightning Collection includes articulated, 6-inch figures of Power Rangers characters from the past two decades. The White Ranger figure is inspired by the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Hasbro also announced Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, a new cross-platform fighting video game that will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in April.

Battle for the Grid joins four existing Power Rangers-themed mobile games, including the multi-player Power Rangers: Legacy Wars game, which has more than 45 million downloads to date.

To explain why Power Rangers has such a wide and lasting appeal, Waters says fans imagine the impossible when watching the show and dream of being someone else.

“It’s a magical show to watch—fun and aspirational at the same time, no matter your age, gender, or background,” Waters says. “Because good always prevails through the help of others around you. That makes for a uniquely universal message and it appeals to everyone, not just kids.”

This article was originally published in the Pop Insider’s Winter 2019 Issue No. 2, click here to read more!