Jabberwocky’s line of Blown Ups! include rockin’ licenses like AC/DC! | Source: Jabberwocky Toys

You may be familiar with the Lewis Carroll nonsense poem, “The Jabberwocky,” but have you met the new kid on the collectible block whose name is derived from that poem? Jabberwocky Toys may have only been around since the beginning of 2020 — making its big debut at New York Toy Fair that year before the world shut down — but they’re a big hit with their new line of Blown Ups! collectibles. From rock super stars like KISS to familiar horror movie faces, fans are loving these unique collectibles.

The Pop Insider talked with the Jabberwocky Toys team about these new collectibles, their favorite fandoms, and this company that’s based on one thing: fun.

The Pop Insider: Jabberwocky Toys is all about fun, which the name of the company on its own evokes quite clearly. What is the story behind choosing “Jabberwocky” for the name? Is it based on the Lewis Carroll poem?
Jabberwocky Team: Yes, the name is based on the Lewis Carroll poem, “The Jabberwocky.” James Warner, our CEO, chose this as it is one of his favorites and it works so perfectly — it is whimsical and fantastical. The poem aligns with our principles of fun and bringing engaging and kinetic products into the marketplace.

PI: Tell me a little bit about the products that Jabberwocky offers to fans. How does the company help consumers “fuel their fandom”?
JT: Blown Ups! are kinetic art. From the design process that we put into the characters, to the quality of the materials and the deco, to the engineering that went into developing and patenting the Blown Ups! body form with the moveable arms, the passion, experience, and fandom of the Jabberwocky team is placed into every character we design. We want to create not just mainstream collectible art figures, but also ones that truly tap into everyone’s fandom for something.


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PI: What’s next for the future of the company as a whole?
JT: Given the landscape in the world right now, we are embracing the many changes that are occurring daily from manufacturing and shipping logistics to onboarding many new licenses for 2022 and creating some truly exciting characters. We are excited to embrace all the challenges that all companies are facing. Jabberwocky Toys is very excited to be partnering with Ubisoft launching this year BlownUps! characters from Rainbow 6, Assassin’s Creed, and our team favorite, the Just Dance Panda. The art on these characters is well in the works and looks amazing, we are very excited to start sharing more about this collaboration. Further, very soon we will be announcing a collaboration with a major studio, along with some of the biggest bands in hip-hop.

PI: What are some exciting upcoming licenses that fans can look forward to?
JT: Some new licenses fans can look forward to adding to their collection this fall include Bruce Lee, Elton John, and Ghostface. Also joining Angus Young of AC/DC will be Brian Johnson. We will be sharing all of our new licensed collectible art figures first on our social channels, so fans have the opportunity to follow us there and be the first to hear.

Left to right: Janet Young, senior director of sales; Carter Lee, COO; and James Warner, CEO | Source: Jabberwocky Toys

Then, we got to know the founders behind this fun-filled company a little better.

The Pop Insider: Who is your favorite pop culture icon?
Janet Young (senior director — sales): Right now my favorite would have to be Mr Beast the American YouTuber. He is my hero. He has fun all the time and helps people in unsuspecting ways.

Carter Lee (COO): Clark Griswold of the Vacation movies — just something about him makes me laugh.

James Warner (CEO): David Bowie. He was pop pioneer was as remarkable in front of the camera as he was behind a mic. Ziggy Stardust was the breakthrough intro to David Bowie’s zany, sensual pop stardom. This flame-haired, androgynous alien rock star was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. He paved the way for the world to let their freak out and play. Even in his passing he is still influencing the world for the better. I love that.

PI: The tagline at the Pop Insider is “fuel your fandom.” What fuels *your* fandom?
JY: What fuels my fandom is the desire to laugh and make everybody laugh with me. I am a huge believer in play, and I love how it can bring a creative aspect to everything.

CL: I am a big fan of all things ’80s, which plays right into a lot of pop culture. I can’t get enough! Can’t wait to do a Chunk from The Goonies!

JW: My fandom is fueled by the love of creating and being part of something bigger than me. We all have catalyst arc-welding moments that shape our experiences from the moment memories are created. From a song we heard or a TV or movie we saw as a kid — it just sticks. An example for me is in Ghostbusters, just after Winston explains that you answer “yes” whenever anything asks if you’re a god, Ray chooses the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as the form of The Destroyer, and the pillowy sailor begins menacing midtown New York. They were supposed to clear their minds, but he says, “It just popped in there … I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft!”

PI: We all have big dreams. What would be the ultimate licensing deal for you?
JY: Deadpool as Bob Ross!

CL: Goonies! And a Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold!

JW: I’ve always been a huge fan of Bruce Campbell. He is the best “B” actor — from cameos to being the lead. I recognize that his pop culture following is not as spectacular as say, Harry Potter, but if we truly and successfully secured his license I know that we will have impacted the collectible landscape with Blown Ups!

PI: Which icon from your Blown Ups! line do you think you are most like?
JY: SATAM Bully Eater — I am very much for the underdog and will absolutely take my tie off if I see any bullying whatsoever.

CL: The Crash Test Dummies — I grew up with the commercials and would love to see them come back. I also feel like I look a little bit like them, or at least some of my family says.

JW: So a little sneak peak to our upcoming collaboration with Ubisoft for me: This would be the Panda from Just Dance from Ubisoft (a really fun character we are excited about). Big and fluffy ready for fun and play … that’s what my kids tell me anyways, LOL!

What’s your favorite part about being part of the Jabberwocky team?
JY: The team is my favorite part, each of us have our own expertise and we compliment each other in the most excellent way. Our creative collaborations are the most wonderful brainstorming sessions with lots of laughter.


CL: Just like Janet and James, I love working with the people we have on our team, but there is as well a really exciting feeling to bringing a character to life in the Blown Ups! form. It is very cool when we hear some licensors like Elton John are directly reviewing our art himself.

JW: Pulling together and working with an amazing team that includes our manufacturers and licensors. We launched officially at New York Toy Fair in 2020 with much excitement and encouragement from everyone we met. Over the last 18 months, the global pandemic slowed the world down just enough for us to learn and grow successfully. The amazing collective team that I work with inspire me every single day.

For more information on Jabberwocky and their line of Blown Ups!, visit jabberwockytoys.com!