Jada Toys is celebrating 90 years of Frankenstein | Source: Jada Toys

In 1931, the Universal Monsters franchise was born when director Tod Browning’s Dracula sunk its teeth into theaters across the U.S. on Feb. 14 — yes, Valentine’s Day. Nine months later, Béla Lugosi’s blood-sucking vampire was followed onto the silver screen by a hulking creation in the form of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster in James Whale’s Frankenstein. On November 21, 1931, Frankenstein wowed audiences with groundbreaking makeup and visual effects that helped to tell a tale of a misunderstood creation that was struggling to find its place in the world.

Now, following the release of its Universal Monsters action figure collection this fall and the debut of its direct-to-consumer platform, Next Level as a destination for must-have collectibles, Jada Toys is celebrating the 90th cinematic birthday of Frankenstein’s Monster with an exclusive, limited-edition collectible.

The Frankenstein’s Monster 6-inch Deluxe Action Figure Set is a spectacular depiction of the cinematic icon, presented in glorious black and white to pay tribute to the character’s on-screen appearance.

Celebrate the cinematic glory of Frankenstein’s Monster! | Source: Jada Toys

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Designed for collectors ages 14 and up, the 6-inch Monster features premium detail and articulation, and includes an alternate head, hands, and chain accessories for play and display.

An exclusive, fully-functional operating table features straps, a footrest, head block, electrical wiring, and a fabric lab table cover that collectors can use to display Frankenstein’s monster on shelves, in dioramas, or for their own toy photography. The table can be positioned flat or angled.

Frankenstein’s Monster 6-inch Deluxe Action Figure Set comes in a handsome display box | Source: Jada Toys

This set comes in a collector-friendly, black and silver package perfect for in-box collectors and openers alike. Frankenstein’s Monster and all of his accessories are packed in a plastic tray that nests inside the box within a handsome slipcover.

If you want to add this depiction of the Monster to your collection, act fast — don’t shamble — and visit Jada Toys’ Next Level. The Frankenstein’s Monster 6-inch Deluxe Action Figure Set is available to preorder now with an expected ship date of December 1.

Of course, Frankie needs some friends, so be sure to check out the first wave of Jada Toys’ Universal Monsters action figures, including Dracula, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Bride of Frankenstein, and the color version of Frankenstein’s Monster!

To purchase this exclusive Frankenstein’s Monster 6-inch Deluxe Action Figure Set or to sign up to be a Jada Insider, visit the Next Level website. Fans can also follow Jada on Facebook and Instagram