There’s nothing quite like experiencing something new for the first time, such as a sour lemon or freshly-fallen snow. Kids are perfect candidates for these experiences, as they are unseasoned, unworldly, and often unaware of the curveballs life can throw at them. Let’s take a look at some tiny humans taking a stab at new things, some of which they’d most certainly like to forget.

1. First time injecting 39 grams of sugar into your bloodstream:

baby drinking GIF

2. First time realizing that twins are a thing that exist:

3. First time harnessing control of your eyebrows:

4. First time trying wasabi. Sorry, Rosie:

5. First time meeting the apple of your eye:

6. First time smelling a pair of feet:


7. First time seeing Christmas lights at Costco:

First Christmas Feels!

Those first Christmas feels. ??For our best love stories, subscribe to our free email newsletter: by Hannah Law

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, November 2, 2017

8. First time enjoying(?) fireworks:

A baby sees fireworks for the first time.

9. First time seeing Mom and Dad clearly:

10. First time hearing Mommy’s voice:

11. First time meeting a stranger:

baby what GIF

12. First time trying a lemon:

13. First time at a baseball game:

baby omg GIF

14. First time meeting your evil clone:

baby mirror GIF

15. First time seeing your shadow:

scared baby GIF

16. First time feeling the wind in your hair:

americas funniest home videos GIF by AFV Babies

17. First time eating a dandelion:

dandelion GIF by AFV Babies

Never stop experiencing, kids.