Disney Mirrorverse collection | Source: McFarlane Toys

Soon, Disney fans will be able to enter an alternate reality in the new mobile game Disney Mirrorverse. In this gaming adventure, players will work to take down some unrelenting forces and assemble a team of guardians, which are battle-ready versions of fan-favorite Disney and Pixar characters. While we await the game’s launch, McFarlane Toys is bringing the guardians from the Mirrorverse to the real world in a new range of 7- and 5-inch collectible action figures with some seriously stunning outfits and accessories. The Pop Insider spoke with McFarlane Toys’ Senior Brand Manager Brian Walters about the new line and what fans can expect next.

The Pop Insider: McFarlane’s Disney Mirrorverse collection features classic Disney characters in new, battle-ready outfits. What was it like to explore beloved characters in a new way and bring them to life in figure form?

Brian Walters: It’s thrilling. We at McFarlane Toys are such huge fans of these characters. The added and new design elements provide a fresh take on the classic and iconic Disney and Pixar characters. Bringing them to life in 3D form and using the exceptional game designs from Disney and Kabam has been so much fun.

Disney Mirrorverse 7-inch Buzz Lightyear and Captain Jack Sparrow figures | Source: McFarlane Toys

PI: What went into the decision to create a 7-inch collection of characters and a 5-inch collection?

BW: The 7-inch line is intended for the core collector. It allows for maximum articulation, premium paint deco, and is designed to capture great detail from the source material. The 5-inch program provides a lot of the same key elements, but at a lower and more kid-friendly price point. The 5-inch line also allows for greater and more diverse world-building. At that lower price point and smaller scale, your collection can grow in scale at a much faster pace.

Disney Mirrorverse 5-inch Belle, Goofy, Sulley, and Mickey Mouse figures | Source: McFarlane Toys

PI: The 7-inch figures feature Ultra Articulation with 22 moving parts. Why is this important to fans?

BW: 22 Points of articulation allows for maximum posing within the scale. For the fans who really want to recreate iconic Disney and Pixar moments, McFarlane’s 22-point figures allows for endless possibilities.

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PI: The mobile game, Disney Mirrorverse, is still not available, so these figures are giving fans a sneak peek at what’s to come. Did this pose any challenges?

BW: Aligning the development schedules of game developers and toy developers is extremely challenging. The timelines are very different. Our team has been able to work with the game team every step of the way and we’ve been able to craft our product lineups as the coolest characters come into focus, which is exciting and fun.

PI: What’s next for the Mirrorverse collection? Are more characters coming soon?

BW: The extensive library of Disney and Pixar characters provides us with a wealth of options. The product on store shelves now is really just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to Disney and Kabam, we have so many great characters with stellar designs to get to! We have a lot of work in front of us so stay tuned!

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