Princesses, cosplay, and nerdy discussions galore! In the first episode of Princess Chris’ Tea Party, ice queen Elsa and her fearless sister Anna sit down for a cup of tea to talk Frozen fashion.

In this Frozen-inspired episode, cosplayers Princess Chris and Daniella breakdown all of Anna and Elsa’s iconic looks from Walt Disney’s Frozen, Frozen 2, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, and more. The duo takes an in-depth look at the fashionable sisters of Arendelle to see if their looks are chic, bleak, or complete nonsense. 

The lovely guest of honor, Daniella (@thecitruswitch), is decked out in a brightly colored Anna cosplay fit for the wild-child princess. Her outfit was constructed by the Enjoy Your Holidays shop on Etsy and is inspired by Anna’s winter look in Frozen. Her dress features a blue velvet skirt and light blue undershirt decorated with Norwegian-inspired embroidery on the dress’ V-shape neckline, collar, and shirt cuffs. The outfit is complete with a red winter hat with a purple fur lining and cape adorned with gold flourishes and pompoms perfect for a bone-chilling adventure.

Chris (@princesschris), is fabulous (as per usual) in his Elsa-inspired look. His glitzy and glamorous jacket is inspired by Elsa’s fresh, icy suit from Frozen 2. The look is composed of a lot of blue, white, and silver gemstones sewn into the coat and up the collar. Each gem stands out against the light blue colors of the fabric underneath them, so the dashing host looks like he’s shining — not unlike a handsome vampire from Twilight

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Photo: the Pop Insider