Which is better: Belle’s original, animated ballgown, or the ballgown Emma Watson wears in the live-action Beauty and the Beast? According to Princess Chris — and many cosplayers at this year’s Katsucon — there is only one correct answer to this question. (And, spoiler alert, it’s not the dress that looks like Belle “bought it on AliExpress and put some Bed Bath & Beyond sheets on it.”)

In the latest episode of Princess Chris’ Tea Party, Princess Chris (@princesschriscosplay) takes the show on the road to Katsucon in Washington, D.C., where he tracks down Disney cosplayers to discuss Disney’s live-action adaptations of classic princesses’ costumes.

In this lively, man-on-the-street-style episode, Chris chats with con attendees about everything from Jasmine’s live-action, midriff-less ensemble and the glory of Cinderella’s live-action gown to how unglamorous Maleficent makes Elle Fanning’s Aurora look.

Check out some of the magical Disney cosplayers featured in the episode!


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Things kick off with Hannah (@actofwhimsycosplay) and Faith (@faithnomoar — pictured above), who bring their Arendelle best as Anna and Elsa.


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Next, Princess Chris talks with a trio of cosplayers — Tatiana (@morenafantasie) as Princess Jasmine, Julie (@juliewilk96) as Ariel, and Joseph (@chronically_cute_cosplay) as Prince Eric — about historical accuracy in the live-action costumes.


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Sam Boulin (@flightless_wren_cosplay) brought a unique take on Ariel with her cosplay, which features real seashells and a fishing net skirt.


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Michelle (@typicalcyd) and Claudia (@cloudhappy_cosplay – pictured above) are the next featured pair, with Michelle cosplaying as Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Claudia in Aurora’s Briar Rose outfit from the animated Sleeping Beauty.


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Ashton (@wigseverlasting)’s Aurora cosplay is beautifully intricate, complete with detailed embroidery and a copy of the Sleeping Beauty storybook from the movie’s opening sequence.


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Lindsay (@clockworkangelcosplay) brings a unique, steampunk twist to her Snow White cosplay, adding goggles, knee-high boots, and a leather bodice to the fair princess’ ensemble.


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Near the end of the episode, Princess Chris finds almost the entire cast of Frozen 2: Mel (@melbowroom — pictured above) as Anna, Sophie (@crystalhardted — pictured above) as Elsa, Brandy (@brandekuu) as Sven, and Samantha (@crystalfoxcosplay) as a crossover Leeloo “Fifth Element” Elsa. When asked to name their favorite and least favorite live-action princess dresses, the whole group agrees: Cinderella’s is the best, while Belle’s is the worst.

Check out the full episode below to hear all of the hot takes (and to feel all the feels when a fan recognizes Princess Chris on the show floor). Then, subscribe to the Pop Insider on YouTube for more Princess Chris and other awesome, fandom-fueled content!

Photo: the Pop Insider