The newest episode of Princess Chris’ Tea Party spills the royal-tea about the most iconic princess of all time: Cinderella.

In the episode — filmed at this year’s Katsucon — Princess Chris (@princesschriscosplay) and his guest, Sinead (@fairwindcosplay), go through seven movie adaptations of the rags-to-riches fairytale, from the Disney animated classic to Ever After and A Cinderella Story. For each movie, the pair analyzes the performances and —of course — the ballgowns.


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Both hosts cosplay as the iconic princess herself, with Sinead in a baby-blue ballgown that is a spot-on match for the Cinderella costume in the Disney parks — down to the jewel on her headband.


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Princess Chris’ cosplay also incorporates the classic blue of Cinderella’s gown in a gender-bent version of the princess’ iconic look. You can’t see them in the video, but his shiny slip-on shoes make for the perfect glass slippers.

Check out the full video below to hear all of the Cinderella hot takes — including lots of love for Brandy’s Cinderella, and not so much love for Hillary Duff’s.

Photo: the Pop Insider