Photo: W Magazine

We all know the unspoken rule of Instagram.

When you’re friends with someone, it’s courteous to double tap on his or her photos. But when you’re besties, you have to comment and act like you didn’t just go through rounds of photos and help pick the one that got posted.

In case you live under a rock, the Queer Eye Fab Five is the most supportive, loving group of people that help people embrace themselves in the most ultimate feel good, self love way. They’re also besties IRL, and their Insta comments show.

Here are 15 times the Fab Five made hilariously outrageous and heartwarming comments that made us laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy inside—and will inspire you to up your own Instagram game.

1. Supporting all thirst traps.

2. Never being ready for the perfection.

3. Absolutely serving ANTM looks.

4. Pullin’ jokes on the group photos.

5. Reminding where to look.

6. Learning how to laugh at yourself.

7. Always adding in the perfect movie reference.

8. Approving of each other’s skin regime.

9. Being both supportive and confused as to why there is a no pants situation.

10. Making up fun stories.

11. Being THE MOST sarcastic.

12. Making sure everyone knows you look good.

13. Always supporting the booty. Always.

14. Approving of all outfit choices.

15. Inviting yourself into a marriage.