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New year, new insane Riverdale plotline! Celebrate the upcoming season of this so-ridiculous-it’s-amazing teen drama — premiering on Jan 20 — with these ideas for what to watch, play, wear, and buy while you wait!


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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | Netflix 

From the creator of Riverdale comes this similarly dark take on a classic comic book. Sabrina Spellman struggles with being a half-witch, half-teenager in the town of Greendale, which happens to be right down the road from Riverdale. Binge the entire show (the final season just dropped on Netflix!) and listen for all the mentions of the equally chilling nearby town.  

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Nancy Drew | The CW

Another dark take on a classic tale from childhood delivered! Follow Nancy Drew and her friends as they attempt to solve dangerous mysteries. Catch up on the first season of the CW drama before season two premieres immediately after Riverdale on Jan. 20! 

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The Cast’s Other Projects

If you can’t get enough of looking at the beautiful and chiseled Riverdale cast, check out the other movies and shows they are featured in, such as: 


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Riverdale Monopoly | Buy it Here 

A thrilling take on the classic game, Riverdale Monopoly uses familiar landmarks like Thistlehouse and Thronhill and trades in the classic game pieces for Jughead’s beanie or Archie’s guitar. 

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Archie Running ‘Round Riverdale Board Game | Buy it Here 

Run around Riverdale with Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica in this board game based on the classic comic strip. Race by landmarks like Riverdale High and the Chock’Lit Shoppe, which appear as they originally looked in 1939.

Hunt a Killer | Buy it Here

Do you have what it takes to solve mysterious murders like the Riverdale gang? With this monthly game subscription service, all the clues are delivered right to your door and you try to decipher the culprit. 


From collectibles to accessories and apparel, take home your own piece of Riverdale with these must-have merch items.