We’ve officially been forced inside because of the changing weather. It’s cold, it’s wet, and we’re all craving something to keep us warm or satisfy our winter appetites. In the past, I’ve trended toward warm drinks during the winter, but recently I’ve been turned on to seasonal cocktails. Since it is the season for drinks, specifically the adult kind, I wanted to take a nerdy spin on my favorite part of the freezin’ season. These easy-to-mix drinks will add some Star Wars-inspired flair to your drink list and shift any holiday party into hyperdrive. 

Blue Milk of Tatooine

The Blue Milk of Tatooine cocktail is based on an actual drink called “Bantha Milk” from Star Wars. Don’t confuse this boozy mix with Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk; that’s a less-fun, plant-based, berry and melon soft-frozen shake. This Blue Milk cocktail packs a creamy, citrus-flavored punch with a mix of gin, coconut cream, Blue Curaçao, vanilla syrup, Orgeat syrup, pineapple juice, and lime juice. I didn’t need more than a sip of this concoction, but my dinner guests enjoyed the citrusy-burn from the drink. It has a surprising flavor considering it’s blue — I’d say it adds to the fun.

Floating Yoda

Do you love White Russians? Do you also love mint-chip ice cream? Then this cocktail may just be for you — I know it doesn’t sound like it’d work, but it tastes so good. The Floating Yoda is a White Russian variation that uses Kahlua, vodka, milk, and a scoop of mint ice cream to model Yoda in his Jedi robes. A Floating Yoda is really easy to make. All you need to do is mix one part Kahlua, one part vodka, and half a part milk together in a shaker. Top the mix with a scoop of mint ice cream and boom — a delicious cocktail, you have. It’s easy, tasty, and minty fresh. What’s not to love?

Planet Hoth Toddy

The Planet Hoth Toddy was basically made for a frozen tundra. The recipe calls for Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro de Ron, an ideal white mixing rum that elevates your cocktail experience. It also includes a surprising ingredient: lime juice. Lime juice complements the rum and cuts the overall sweetness of the drink. Add maraschino liqueur, simple syrup, and one egg white for a frothy top to bring it together. Dress it up with a dusting of nutmeg to make it extra fancy. Toss everything into a shaker and you’re good to go. It’s smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and almost too easy to drink. 

Maz Kanata’s Dragon Fruit Lagerita with Sriracha Salt

Maz Kanata’s Dragon Fruit Lagerita is just about as wild as the space pirate herself. It’s a tantalizing combination of light lager and dragon fruit — again, it doesn’t sound great, but stay with me. The dragon fruit is blended with the light lager. Mixing the two together sweetens the entire drink, cuts the malted flavor of the beer, and leaves you with a tropical, refreshing drink. The Sriracha salt is a must-have for this recipe. It’s really easy to make and pairs well with the sweet, yeasted tang of the beer. Don’t let the dragon fruit scare you away from this eye-catching mixed drink that will shake up your menu.

Tatooine Sunrise

So, this is basically a Tequila Sunrise but with double the sun. In this case, the “suns” are two juicy Maraschino cherries. The cocktail is sweet and smooth like a traditional Tequila Sunrise, and the homage to Star Wars makes it that much sweeter. If you aren’t a fan of tequila, you can always replace it with club soda for a kid-friendly, mocktail alternative.

Dark Side ‘N’ Stormy

A Dark Side ‘N’ Stormy is perfect for a fan who loves to pander to their inner Sith Lord. It’s a rum-based drink that’s ideal after a long day of blowing up planets and conquering the known universe. The Dark Side ‘N’ Stormy is a no-nonsense cocktail with just three ingredients: dark rum, ginger beer, and a squeeze of fresh lime. This was probably my second-favorite drink to make. It’s a great sipping drink, and it makes you feel like a powerful overlord of evil. Win-win. 

Wookie Fuzzball

We’re back to sweeter drinks with the Wookie Fuzzball. This mix requires a couple more ingredients than the earlier recipes, but that makes it all the better. The drink is reminiscent of spiked mocha with hazelnut undertones and includes spiced rum, hazelnut liqueur, caramel syrup, fresh-brewed coffee, white cacao liqueur, and chocolate syrup. It’s about as decadent as it sounds, and it’s great for a fan with a sweet tooth. Finish it off with a chocolate vermicelli and marzipan “Wookie belt” garnish for extra fan cred.

Kylo Ren Margarita

Angst fuels this margarita in the same way it fuels Kylo Ren. Inspired by the recently released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Kylo Ren Margarita is a tart, tequila-based cocktail that hits your taste buds just right. Making the drink is a more involved process, but it’s so worth the extra work. It isn’t for everyone, especially if you aren’t a fan of berries or tequila. Even if you aren’t a fan of the bitter taste, this cocktail looks stunning. The mix of blackberries and cherries makes the margarita a deep, purply black shade. Silver sanding sugar rims the glass and creates a crown for this drink that’s perfect for the Lord of Darkness himself. It’s the perfect margarita to either impress your friends with or hold in your hand while destroying your enemies.

Photos:  Liquor.com