The Marvel Legends Series Mighty Thor Mjolnir Electronic Hammer and the Her Universe Marvel Thor: Love And Thunder New Asgard Blue Wash Crop T-shirt | Source: Hasbro/Her Universe/the Pop Insider

The fourth installment in Marvel Studios’ Thor series, Thor: Love and Thunder, premieres in theaters this Friday, July 8! In the film, the God of Thunder sets out on a quest to find inner peace. His relaxing retirement is (quite rudely) interrupted by Gorr the God Butcher, who is on an endless crusade to bring the extinction of the gods to the cosmos. 

With every Marvel movie comes new merch, and the newest Thor film is no different. Fans can attend the premiere in electrifying apparel, add some thunderous figures to their collections, and even write their movie review in a comic book-style notebook. Check out some of most worthy Thor: Love and Thunder merch below: