Figurines of Adorable Power

Source: Ultra Pro International/the Pop Insider

One of the best parts of any Dungeons & Dragons quest is the monsters you encounter along the way. Although you may have your favorites, we think you’ll learn to love them all with Ultra PRO‘s all-new Figurines of Adorable Power. This line of super-cute figures features all of your favorite DnD monsters, but they’re, like, totes adorbs.

The Pop Insider caught up with Elizabeth Peotter, global marketing director at Ultra PRO International, to talk about the new line of absolutely delightful collectible monsters.

The Pop Insider: What was it like teaming up with Wizards of the Coast on an iconic brand like DnD?
Ultra PRO: As passionate TTRPG — and especially Dungeons & Dragons — players ourselves, it was a dream come true! Bringing our favorite monsters to life in the form of adorable, collectible vinyl figures was a fun quest for the entire team.

PI: Which aspects of the DnD brand were most important for you to highlight in the Figurines of Adorable Power product line?
UP: The DnD team takes the lore very seriously — and every aspect of these, from color of the nose to tips of the toes, had to meet the DnD standards. We wanted to make sure that we brought to life a figure that had cuteness balanced with ferocity! Each figure has a unique expression that we made sure to depict, and it needed to make sure it fit the true nature of the monster we were depicting.

PI: The Figurines of Adorable Power capture the most adorable sides of everyone’s favorite DnD monsters. Is this cute-ification a trend that you’re seeing in the pop culture action figure industry?
UP: Absolutely! From Pop!s to Nendoroids, we’re definitely seeing a trend in cute collectibles. We love that this trend allows us to explore new areas of design and development and has really elevated and expanded our opportunities to capture new fans!

PI: What are some of the key features of these new DnD figures that will make them stand out to fans?
UP: Monsters are obviously a key staple in Dungeons & Dragons lore, but they also vary across different DnD campaign settings, environments, etc.

We decided to offer variants of each monster to reflect different variations on the monsters themselves and give fans even more options from the line. The flexibility of the line is also a key feature, these figures can sit adorably on your desk, be your companion during your real life gaming adventure, or get dropped into battle by a Dungeon Master during a campaign. Figures of Adorable Power are also extremely giftable, making them easy to pick up for any DnD fan.

Figurines of Adorable Power — Red Dragon | Source: Ultra PRO International/the Pop Insider

PI: These characters, of course, look a little different from the D&D monsters we’re used to seeing (They’re adorable!). Can you talk a little about the creative process for designing these adorable versions?
UP: Our illustrator started — of course — with the original illustrations as inspirations, and then added an adorable spin. We played with colors, but much of the design came down to small details like eyebrows and mouth shapes.

PI: There are currently six Figurines of Adorable Power available. How did you choose these initial six iconic monsters?
UP: With so much amazing lore to work with, selecting our first figures was really difficult. We have a line of plush dice bags as well so we had some ideas of what fans were shopping for already. There was never a doubt that we would have a dragon in the line, but the rest came from trial and error in the design process to see who came out looking the most adorable.

PI: What can fans look forward to from this line in the future?
UP: Even more cute monsters, and definitely some polls on social media to select new favorites for future releases.

Figurines of Adorable Power are available now on Amazon and the Ultra PRO Shop. Shop all of Ultra PRO’s DnD products here.