Source: Bioworld, Pottery Barn Teen

Working from home or hardly working because omg why did no one tell you your significant other was this annoying?!

For most of us, home offices were never really supposed to be used this much. They were a desk in the corner of your bedroom that occasionally you’d use for actual work but most of the time it was just a place to store random things you had no idea where to put.

Others may have an entire room in their home to dedicated to their workspace — what is it like to be actual royalty? Asking for a friend. Anyway, now that we are chained to our home office desks, it’s clear that the one poster on the wall and that commemorative cup from someone’s wedding acting as a pencil holder are not actually proper decor.

We’re probably in this remote-working thing for at least a few more months, so now is the time to bring your home office to life with a dash of decor inspired by Disney, Marvel, horror films, and more. Check out our suggestions below!