Negg Squishes can be used at home to help relieve Neopia-related stress, at the office for extra motivation at work, or to display your Negg-cellent fandom! | Source: Geekify/The Pop Insider

Don’t despair when things get tough in Neopia, these Negg-mazing stress relief balls are here to squash, squeeze, and squish the stress away! 

Neopets, the virtual pet website where fans can own and purchase virtual pets, has collaborated with Geekify to create Negg Squishes: a stress ball shaped like a Negg!

Negg Squishes are 4-inch tall squeezable Neggs that fans can keep on their office desk or display in their room. The line is debuting at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this year and Geekify CEO and founder John Taylor spoke exclusively with The Pop Insider about why he loves these Neggs and the process behind their creation.

“Oh man, they’re so squishy! Neggs are a favorite staple of the game,” Taylor says. “It’s sort of a clandestine secret, if you know it from Neopets — great — otherwise it just looks like a cool little happy egg.” 

The Negg Squishes are on display at Geekify’s booth. | Source: The Pop Insider

The Neggs are colorful, palm-sized, and have the most satisfying Tempurpedic-like squishy effect. “It’s made of expanding foam so it’s much like any other stress relief material,” Taylor says. The design process is similar to the production of most collectibles, “we start with a 2D sketch, then we turn that into a 3D prototype with a 3D printer — just to make sure the size is good, fits in your palm, all that jazz. Then, we take it to a factory that manufactures stress relief toys, they will build a mold of it, create the foam and then do molded paints as well.” The Neggs also feature hand-painted details like sunglasses and shark fins. 

Fans can look forward to seeing iconic elements of Neopets reflected back in these collectibles.

“Everyone who plays Neopets loves the Neggs, some are used for power-ups, some are used for food, some are just cool items to have in your collection,” Taylor explains. “We chose these because they’re just the fan favorites over the years, ones that have been collected the most or are the most recognizable by fans.” 

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There are three different types to choose from: Fish, Cool, and Happy.  Fish is a rare fish egg worth 50 points at the Neopian Neggery. Happy is a magical egg that can only be found at the Neggery. It’s worth four points at the Neggery and will make your Neopet happy. Cool is for (as one can imagine) cool Neopets only — it is worth 247 points at the Neggery. But be warned to not feed Happy or Cool to your Tonu as it can get infected with Neezles. Fans can even use their Negg Squishy online at Neopets, “each Negg comes with a code to redeem for an in-game item prize on the Neopets website as well,” Taylor explained. 

The Neggs are colorful, palm-sized, and have the most satisfying Tempurpedic-like squishy effect. | Source: The Pop Insider

Can’t find your favorite Negg? Don’t despair! Geekify plans to add more.

“We’re looking forward to having a bunch more added and the catalog of Neopets is vast,” Taylor says. “There are thousands of items and easily hundreds of Neggs alone so we’re looking to do a couple more fan favorites there.”

As for Geekify’s founder’s favorite Negg? “I really like the Cool Negg ’cause he’s got the sunglasses and he looks so badass.”

Fans attending NYCC this year can stop by Geekify’s Booth No. 1579 to see the squish-action in person, for those who couldn’t make it to the convention this year, they are available now at