Source: IDW Publishing/the Pop Insider

On April 26, IDW Publishing will release Locke & Key: The Golden Age, a collection that includes a variety of key Locke & Key comics from throughout the years. The Golden Age will feature two published short stories, “Small World” and “Open the Moon.” It will also have the complete three-part miniseries “…In Pale battalions Go…” and the two-part crossover within The Sandman universe, “Hell & Gone.”

A major draw of this 264-page hardcover collection is a previously unpublished short story, titled “Face the Music.” Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez created this story as part of a vinyl record project that never materialized. The whimsical story features the Locke family in the early 1900s and introduces a new key: The Orchestra Key.

Ahead of The Golden Age‘s debut, we have an exclusive inside look at the art progression behind some of the pages from “Small World” — including the inks, colors, and final pages. Keep scrolling to see this behind-the-scenes look at the making of Locke & Key, followed by links to preorder Locke & Key: The Golden Age!