Source: Ravensburger/the Pop Insider

Ravensburger North America, known for a variety of games inspired by shows and movies — including the popular Disney Villainous games, last year’s Hocus Pocus game, a WWE card game, and more. This year, the company has three new pop-inspired games on the way that fans of any age will enjoy.

First, launching this June, there is the Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game ($16.99). In the game, players gather crunchy tacos, freezes, and other menu items to feed their crew — keeping the crew’s specific cravings in mind. The game even comes in packaging inspired by a Taco Bell container.

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Next, ’90s kids can relive the fun of Disney’s Gargoyles animated series, which ran from 1994-1997, in the game Disney Gargoyles: Awakening ($34.99). In this cooperative strategy game that’s set to debut in August, players each take on a role from the show (either Elisa Maza or one of the gargoyles) and work together to defeat Xanatos or Demona. The 3D cityscape board shows Manhattan as it was depicted in the show.

Finally, also in August, fans can take on a Xenomorph in Alien: Fate of the Nostromo ($29.99). This game is also cooperative, and players work together to craft items, fulfill objectives, and complete one of five final missions in the halls of the Nostromo while avoiding the Alien.

These were described as a partial lineup for 2021, so stay tuned for even more fan-fueled games from Ravensburger!