Brrr. It’s cold in here, there must be a tropical freeze in the atmosphere. 

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze recently dropped into the Nintendo Switch store this month, and it it’s everything players love from the Wii U version and more. The biggest change to the game is that players can use an easier, more user-friendly mode: Funky Mode.

The mode is no cake-walk, but players get a little more leeway when it comes to health and strength. When playing as Funky Kong—the chillest Kong of them all—players can whip out Funky’s surfboard (because, obviously) mid-jump and glide over spikes to avoid damage. The surfboard also brings a new level of speed that was not previously attainable on the Wii U game. Oh, and when a player is Funky (both literally and figuratively), players can swim underwater indefinitely, because who needs oxygen? To those experienced Kong-ers who may be scoffing at the thought, before you roll your eyes out of your socket, you can still play in regular mode with all the challenges and difficulties you fancy.

The game introduces players to six worlds, with multiple levels in each world. The levels are fast-moving, and keep players on their toes (fingers?). As Kong runs amuck, players can expect the floor to move, a platform to collapse, or a boulder to explode. For extra incentive, in every stage, “K,” “O,” “N,” and “G” letters are scattered about. If gamers are able to collect these letters, they’ll be able to unlock bonus content and extra difficultly stages in the worlds. Some scenarios make it easy to tack these letters under the belt. Other times, the letters will appear just as a player is trying to jump over lava and land from platform to platform before it collapses. What I’m trying to say is: Sometimes we have to take the L and give up a letter. Trust me, it’ll really drive a dagger through the heart.

During gameplay, a major part of the game requires picking up barrels or random objects to throw at enemies. It is super easy to pick up items, the throwing, however, is a bit more dicey. The objects tend to easily release soon after grabbing, so it takes some time to work the controls successfully when using the Switch in handheld.

The graphics are pretty detailed for a basic cartoon, with certain clips so authentic that gamers may do a double take. Hats off to the designers behind the game’s intro, because NGL, the tropical freeze scene was pretty lit. All throughout the game, players will enjoy bright colors and fun graphics from level to level.

Whether a gamer played it on Wii U before or is a first-timer, a main perk about this version is the option to experience the entirely new game mode. While Funky Mode may be easier than the average, it also is a fun twist on a classic character. Basically, swallow the pride and “downgrade” in order to upgrade the experience.