The popular millennial party game What Do You Meme? expands into fetching new territory with the new Mean Girls Expansion Pack.

Shuffle the 50 photo cards and 50 caption cards pulled straight from the hit movie into the original What Do You Meme? deck to celebrate your love for the Plastics, Janice, and Glen Coco.

During gameplay, three or more players take turns acting as the judge, who decides which Internet-sourced meme is the funniest. The judge pulls a photo card from the deck while the remaining players put down the caption that best complements the photo. The player who wins the most rounds is dubbed the Queen Bee.

The Mean Girls Expansion Pack mixes the original What Do You Meme? game’s easy gameplay with 2000s nostalgia, making it the perfect throwback for Mean Girls fans.

However, players who have never seen the movie can still enjoy the simplicity and fun of the card game — and join the clique, I guess — as they mix and match captions and photo cards between the decks to play.

The limit does not exist no matter which cards you match, whether its “When you show up to a slutty Halloween party dressed as a zombie bride” with the “Why must things be this way?” photo, or you pair “When your mom walks in on you asking if you want snacks or a condom” with a photo of a man walking off a cliff.

The people behind What Do You Meme? deserve to be crowned Spring Fling Queens for the amount of detail they put into both decks. They scoured the Internet for the funniest viral memes and added in all the best Mean Girls scenes and quotes for this hilarious game.

Everything down to the pink packaging brings me back to the first time I watched the movie in middle school.

For $12.99, you’re one step closer to becoming the leader of the Plastics. No Kalteen bars are required. Bonus points if you wear pink, and play on October 3.

Photo: Amazon