Jack-in-the-boxes can be scary enough, but imagine if the clown inside was the infamous clown-slash-demon Pennywise, who terrorizes the children of Derry in It.

That’s exactly the premise of Mezco Toys‘ new IT(2017): Pennywise Burst-A-Box. This fully functioning, terrifying jack-in-the box-style collectible features a spring-loaded Pennywise, who pops up from the box, which is also decorated with his image.

Designed after his appearance in the 2017 Warner Bros. film, Pennywise sports his chilling smile and his pom-pom-adorned clown suit.

When popped, the box is about 14 inches tall. The perfect collectible for horror fans, and is available for preorder with an expected ship date between May and July, just in time for Pennywise’s on-screen return for It 2.